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Buy Nothing Day


What do you guys think about Buy Nothing Day? Not sure what this is? Check our site blog's post from Nov 17.

Personally, I'm conflicted. Having studied Environmental Sciences (which by the way is NOT the same thing as being an environmentalist) as well as my own convictions, I have never really shopped unless I have some need. In our family, we have often done giftless Christmases, instead swapping baking or doing a fun white elephant gift exchange. And yet, if I want to invest in something big (or, say my husband wants a plasma TV!), Black Friday/Boxing Day would be the time to do it... I'm not enough of a martyr to pay 30-40% more for the same thing!

Ideally, I'd like to live a lot simpler with less crap filling my attic and shelves. But is it reasonable? What are your thoughts?
Nov 17, 2007 @ 01:11 pm

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Feisty Redhead

Sounds good to me!

I won't be leaving the house on "Black Friday" except to cross the street to get the mail in the afternoon and to walk the dog. I will be going out the Saturday after simply because that's the day I need to head out for the usual groceries and necessities. I'll pick up a few gifts if I see anything I think someone on my list will enjoy but that's it.

I really try to budget my holiday spending in a way that lets me give some gifts to the people I want to spoil a little without going into debt while doing it. I take a close look at my budget and figure out exactly who I am going to shop for then set an amount to spend for each person and do my best to stick close to that amount.

I'm a big fan of homemade gifts, too. Be it a crocheted blanket or hat or some other crafty thing, or a little gift basket filled with homemade cookie mixes, pasta sauce, candles, soaps etc. I find those are gifts that are not only affordable (depending on what goes into them and if you already have all the supplies on hand or not, of course) but very appreciated by the recipients because they know I put time and thought into their gift.

Also, homemade or not, I like to give gifts that are useful. If I know someone is in need of something - say some new cookware for example - I try to get that for them as their gift. Better to give something that can be used again and again than something that, while well liked, may just end up tossed aside and forgotten.
Nov 17, 2007 @ 03:01 pm


I have to admit I did ALL my holiday shopping that day. Mostly because it was my only day off that week and needed to get it done in a few hours with the least amount of hassle, and it needed to be early so I can mail gifts out cross country. If anything, days like this always backfire because the die hard shoppers are the ones who will buy that day, and the stores always put on a sale or something to attract them out. The people who usually respect this day are the ones who are already conscious and awake to current affairs. For this to be a success they need to do it more often. Not having alot of money myself, I don't spend much, and certainly not every day (unless paying for the bus counts, but i do have to get to work...). At it's the people who live for sales because they can't afford it full price that get sucked out on those days!

They should have them a few times a year (maybe they do and I don't know?), as once a year may not always be convenient for people. I am free to not buy anything next tuesday!!!!
Dec 06, 2007 @ 09:31 am

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