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on Nov 12, 2014 @ 06:31 pm

So approx 1yr ago we decided to go basic cable in attempts to cut back on unnecessary expenditures. We also have Netflix and quite enjoy it. Now that we have basic cable, I find we hardly watch much tv. The tv we do watch, we pvr and watch when our little ones go to bed. I am finding that there is only a handful of shows we do watch on basic cable and believe we could probably watch online if we miss it or wait till it gets to Netflix. 
Anyone gone away from Cable and feel as though Netflix was just not enough?

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Friends... on Nov 12, 2014 @ 07:18 pm

Friends have done this... and I think I admire the process.

I am addicted to TV and the 1000 channel world. I pvr about 20hrs a week. Last night I caught myself recording 4 things at once. I hate that they have me hooked, but I am. There are some great shows that I can't get any other way, so I'm not likely to give it up. I'm not working, so it would be great to cut down on extraneous costs, but I'd rather give up on other 'entertainment' expenses than give up my cable.

waste of money on Nov 13, 2014 @ 12:48 pm

I used Netflix and cancelled cable (even with my husband's huge discount since he works for the cable company) and eventually we went to Android TV, which is soooo much better than Netflix. It's entierly legal and you just stream videos. You need a good internet connection, but otherwise, it's so awesome. You can watch pretty much any single show you can think of. There's even some apps on the Android that act as a TV guide so you can see what was aired that day and you can pick from the list. That way you don't lose sight of any brand new shows that you maybe never would have heard of otherwise if you hadn't flipped through the TV guide. Absolutely no commercials, and you can see movies that are still in the theatre. We found our Android box on ebay for about 60 bucks, but they can be as expensive as 100. Also, you may hear people talking about Apple TV, which is the same thing only you pay monthly for it. With Android TV, you pay for the box and that's it.

Netflix works for us! on Nov 13, 2014 @ 02:03 pm

But then again, we have access to both the Canadian AND American Netflix, which are both quite different, and great in their own ways. If you use Netflix via a gaming system, definitely look into getting access to both.

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