I haven't even been a member for very long, and I've gotten chosen THREE times in the past month. I hope this happens all the time. I am one THRILLED mama.
What campaigns have you gotten before???
May 23, 2015 @ 01:31 am

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I've gotten chosen for many #ChickAdvisor Campaigns also and I feel very fortunate and lucky. I was picked for "Arm& Hammer'#Clump&Seal #CatLitter which is the only brand I use now , #BaronessChocolateBars, #VichyCanadaIdealiaSkinSleep , #BatisteDryShampoo which I could not live without now so convenient #TrojanH20WaterBasedLubricant I have bought a few times since #ClarisonicMia2 which I use every day by the way, #MasterCheeseClass, #VitafusionGummyVitamins which I buy all the time now. I was not chosen for #PolyspornColdSorePatch but #ChickAdvisor was so nice to send me a generous sample of and now I have purchased them for my spouse a few times. I just love @ChickAdvisor I have learned about so many really great products because of them and also made great #ChickAdvisor friends. Great post !!! Have a Great Weekend !!!
May 23, 2015 @ 12:23 pm

I feel lucky!

I signed up for ChickAdvisor 2 month back (Not longer than 3 if not 2) and feel really lucky to be chosen for 3 campaigns so far : #CeraVeSupermom #VichyCanadaIdealiaSleep #MasterCheeseClass. I am having a great time reviewing and learning about new products. I have fallen in love with ChickAdvisor!!!
May 23, 2015 @ 06:10 pm


We got the same ones in like the same situation haha @swdw23 :)
May 23, 2015 @ 06:32 pm


@ChrissyAnn123 all those campaigns would've been fabulous! Especially the lubricant and the dry shampoo! Im so excited to see my future with ChickAdvisor!
May 23, 2015 @ 06:34 pm


Congratulations to all of you for getting in on these wonderful review products!! I can't wait to read your reviews on the various products. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and again congratulations, Ginger.
May 23, 2015 @ 10:43 pm


I love these amazing campaigns from Chickadvisor, so many lately. Love Chickadvisor.
May 26, 2015 @ 04:34 pm

so happy !!

I Haven't been using ChickAdvisor long, but i've gotten 2 or 3 campaigns now. My @VichyCanada #IdealiaSkinSleep package was super exciting. I never expected to get such expensive items for free just for writing reviews !!
May 26, 2015 @ 04:38 pm

That's great!

It's good to know that we are on the same boat, @daniellelinton28!
May 26, 2015 @ 06:13 pm

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