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can you accept a compliment?


I found this blog post to be an interesting read. I too find it hard to accept compliments from my husband. It's like I treat his opinion of me the same way I would of my parents', thinking that they're biased and of course he has to think I'm pretty and say I'm pretty. 

I've tried to get better at this, but I still find it awkward to give a meek "thank you" every time he says I'm beautiful, sexy, pretty, or hot. Or even when he comments on specific parts of my body and says they're gorgeous. He doesn't seem to focus on the angry red stretch marks of my pregnant belly, or the ones I've noticed creeping up under my bum as it gets a bit bigger. 

I wish I could take all his compliments and really soak them in like a sponge. I think I'd finally start to feel like the most beautiful woman I can be, whether I'm in shape or not, just because he thinks I am.
Dec 08, 2014 @ 02:53 pm

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For me, it depends on who is giving it and what it is.
Dec 11, 2014 @ 01:22 pm

accepting compliments

I think you should think yourself very lucky that your Husband talks to you that way.Not every man is the same in complimenting his wife.I get them from my Husband but,it is usually when we are dressed to go out or if I done something nice for him.Granted,he compliments me but not all the time.I think if your Husband feels that way about you then,so he should as long as you sometimes return the same.I do and Hubby loves it.Except the praise because that is how he feels and if you answer with something nice back to him,then it should come easy for you .
Dec 14, 2014 @ 07:32 pm

I'm the same way

I've gotten into this bad habit, every time he gives me a compliment I automatically say no... For example: HIM: You're so beautiful, ME: Nooooo lol I wish I could just accept that he really thinks I am beautiful... I try to think about it like this.. when I look at him and he looks amazing to me (he doesn't have to be dressed up, even just sitting on the couch watching TV I'll look at him and think wow he is gorgeous) I'll give him a compliment and I know it is sincere so I try to tell myself if I know I'm sincere why wouldn't he be sincere too? And if he didn't think I was beautiful would he be with me? And if he would still be with me wouldn't he just find something else to compliment me on? This is how I try to think to help me accept his compliments.. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
Dec 15, 2014 @ 10:15 am


Onimiki, that's a great way of looking at it. I often find myself thinking, 'wow, he looks really handsome' and I'll tell him that, and he'll shrug it off (kinda like I do) and say he's not wearing anything special. So that's a really good way of looking at it. If I mean it, then surely he means it too. It's just hard to accept at times, especially when I'm given compliments when I'm not wearing clothes. Because I'm a firm believer that I look better with clothes on, but if he thinks otherwise, then I'm sure he's sincere and he honestly believes it. I'm very thankful to have such a loving husband who sees me as beautiful, no matter how I may feel about myself.
Dec 15, 2014 @ 10:24 am


Oh dear... compliments always make me nervous! I think it was because how roughly I was brought up? I get really awkward when someone especially close to me would compliment me. Sometimes I cry a little, haha :).
Jan 21, 2015 @ 11:28 pm


depending what the compliment is on. if its something im wearing usually will be ok and feel great, but if its appearance i get self conscious because i hate my chubby cheeks
Jan 23, 2015 @ 03:36 pm


I find it depends on what they're complimenting me on and how I feel about myself before the compliment. I if I put extra effort into my nails that day, I love the extra compliments. If I have my hair done nicely, I enjoy the compliments. However if I am not feeling confident with myself that day I find myself not believing in the compliments or not agreeing with them. I will however always say thank you. A compliment takes a kind thought!
Jan 24, 2015 @ 07:57 pm


Im more accepting of my husband giving me compliments as opposed to strangers.
I have a healthy sense of self, I feel I am slightly above average in looks (when Im done up), and without makeup I think I am average (which I still think is fantastic!). If my husband gives me a compliment, I say thank you and revel in it. He doesnt compliment me everyday, and sometimes I have to 'fish' for them from him, like, 'Tell me how pretty you think I am'. He is not afraid to tell me honestly if I ask him if 'these pants make my butt look good'. So when he gives me a compliment, I take it and accept it as 'yes I must look great today!'
Strangers, Im more weary of accepting, oddly enough. I will give a meek 'Thank you' and get shy. I don't expect it from strangers, so it is strange hearing it from them.
Jan 26, 2015 @ 12:17 pm


I have a hard time accepting compliments also. I'm very self conscious about my body. I've doubled my weight in the 20 yrs we've been married due to lots of health problems. Also, my Mom was never forthcoming with compliments to me, just the opposite. Hurtful things like, I hate you or I wish you were never born. I've let it go over the years and she never mentions it, but it does scar you.
Feb 06, 2015 @ 09:22 pm

yes and no

It would depend on the type of compliment and who it is coming from....
Aug 22, 2015 @ 02:43 pm

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