Canada vs United States Samples

on Jul 15, 2016 @ 09:16 am

Here is something that is really bugging me a lot lately! So few samples are offered in Canada compared to the United States! Why is it that companies that sell in both Canada and U.S. only give their samples to residents of the US? I find it very disappointing and when I see major companies of products I use handing out samples to US only I won't buy them anymore! Canadian consumers should be just as important and worthy of a sample here and there! Sorry for the rant but just had to get it off my chest! 

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Sandra Ribeiro
canada vs United states on Jul 15, 2016 @ 10:36 am

I feel the same way.

,,,,, on Jul 15, 2016 @ 10:48 am

No idea. But, Canada has a lot of Canada only, so i guess it evens out. There is also the shipping charges that may come into play that makes a difference.

. on Jul 15, 2016 @ 10:08 pm

i think it depends on whether the company manufactures here in Canada as well. Some things are difficult to send via mail for legal reasons.

Canada vs usa on Jul 16, 2016 @ 12:25 am

Ya i feel the same. In the states u can live on samples. Ive got lots of food , baby and house samples good thing we live close to the border. I just dont understand why canadian companies wont do the same. They could get much more customers or i guess they make lots already so they dont care. Basing on a price difference between canada and the states for the same products.

:P on Jul 16, 2016 @ 09:03 am

It also depends on the shipping and marketing costs for the company.

Right now the USA dollar is still much higher than Canadian, it just makes sense for marketers to be marketing even Canadian Products to Americans, as it's less expensive for Americans to buy Canadian products vs Canadians purchasing products from the USA.

On another side of that coin, there are just SO many more Americans vs Canadians, perhaps marketing agents don't see value in promoting to Canadians as important in todays economy.

In my mind that doesn't really make sense, as although we are still struggling to boost our economy, we didn't have the same housing market and economic falls that USA suffered in the late 2000's.

I gave up on Influenster as I found I put in so much work. For a floppy cell phone cover I never used in the almost 2 years I was working with them.

P&G; on Jul 16, 2016 @ 10:31 am

I do agree Americans get offered way more than we do. And correct me if I am wrong but P&G gave their spring sample boxes in UNited States for free, no cost for shipping, yet for Canada they tried charging us shipping! How does that seem fair! Now having said that there are some amazing Canadian companies giving away samples! Vichy, Garnier, Tresseme.....just to name a few. Free is free and I'm happy to accept, test and review for them!

... on Jul 16, 2016 @ 11:54 pm


I know on Jul 17, 2016 @ 12:39 am

but the the thing is here in Canada we are 10 times less people than in US so for companies is way better to promote the products in US. At the end of the day they are offering the samples to make business. One thing I would love to have in Canada is the beauty boxes from Walmart (only 5 dollars) and Sephora. But no luck for now!

Canada vs. U.S. sample offers on Jul 17, 2016 @ 11:36 am

I can't say that I wouldn't do the same if I was the CEO of a major U.S. company. Their primary consumer base is the United States and the infrastructure, incentives, tax write offs, bonuses, etc. are all based on U.S. sales and growth.

As a Canadian though, I poo poo all those reasons and would love to have an equal (both in number and quality) of samples offer to us!

My thought on Jul 17, 2016 @ 01:13 pm

Honestly it cost more then to send it here. I agree we can get less deals but if u look u can get lots I mean really I am happy with all I get and also I have a bunch of little sample sized hair stuff I haven't used cause my hair is so long there just isn't enough in package to even warrant trying it

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