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Child Care Options - what works for you?

make-up junkie

Before we put our son in daycare my husband were considering getting a live in nanny but we got a lot of mixed opinions on live in care vs. daycare. Most of our family and friends said that enrolling him in daycare would be beneficial because it would get him socialized and he would get on a regular routine. Other people we knew that had nannies said it was great for them because it's just so convenient. You don't have to drop them off or pick them up among other things.

Do you think one is better over the other? I think it's such a personal choice and also a lot to do with your lifestyle.
Aug 26, 2009 @ 03:23 pm

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daycare but...

I agree. It definitely is a personal choice and it really does depend on your lifestyle.

I'm pro daycare because I think it's very important for children to interact with other children. When I return to work, my mom will take care of my son until he's 18 months and then he's going into daycare. My son is turning one this week and I have him in a routine already. This routine makes is really easy for my mom to take over for me without disrupting the baby's expectations too much. :) Also, my son is very active and he is very interested in other children. If I don't put him in a daycare, he won't have the opportunity to play with other kids.

Having said that, we are considering the option of hiring a nanny when we have our second. The cost of our daycare is $1000/mo. per child. But the cost of a nanny for 2 kids will be more affordable. I still prefer sending both kids to daycare but we simply can't afford to spend $2000 on childcare every month.
Aug 26, 2009 @ 10:50 pm

take it case-by-case

I too thought about the nanny vs. daycare debate when I was deciding whether to go back to work (but now I work for CA... from home! Best of both worlds, but that's beside the point).

I have three kids:
* my daughter is an extreme extrovert and while I was finishing my university degree I put her in the daycare that was offered onsite. It was a great choice for her!

* my big son is an extreme introvert. I did have him attend preschool for a few mornings a week and this year he started Kindergarten. The social interaction has been very beneficial for him, but he stresses quite a bit about being away from home. It gets to the point sometimes where he's so worked up that you can't communicate with him at all. He would have done great with a nanny who focused on organizing regular playdates with other kids.

* my little son sits somewhere in the middle. I think either option would be good for him; currently he attends preschool 3 mornings a week which is a great compromise (but what a pain in the rear to have to drive him to and fro but only have 3 hours between to try to get stuff done! Very inconvenient for me)

I guess what I'm trying to say is that you know your child best. Both options are excellent when you employ the right person for the job. Don't let anyone tell you "you should never ___" because that's just not fair to you or your child.

Good luck!
Aug 27, 2009 @ 08:11 am

^^ one more thing

I forgot to add that I'm working on a new arrangement for my little son. My good friend works at his preschool and will be taking him home with her at lunchtime, freeing up a little more time for me to work. She was his teacher last year and he feels very comfortable with her. So now I will have more time for my work and he gets both group and personal time. I think it's a great compromise if I do say so myself ;) I do realize though that most working women don't have the option of using part-time care.

Shout-out for telecommuting - whoo hoo!
Aug 27, 2009 @ 08:16 am
make-up junkie

daycare costly and kid's personalities

You guys are very right - thanks for sharing your experiences.
bubblybunny - when we were working out the #'s a live-in would have been cheaper for us vs. daycare costs. But when we weighed pros and cons daycare won. We only have one car and the area we used to live in didn't have a community center close by or any kids my son's age to play with. It was an older neighbourhood for sure. So, we knew it was important for him to be around other kids - plus he's active as well and gets bored easily. That's so good your mother can care for your son until he is 18 months - I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have my mother! It's amazing how important a routine is for kids. On the topic of having a 2nd kid - the costs of daycare is one of the reasons we may wait until my son is in Kindergarden. We may stick to just one but we know daycare costs for 2 right now would set us back a lot.

Mamaluv - you're so right about their personalities and what childcare option is best. Before daycare my son wasn't really exposed to a lot of kids because we were the first among our friends and cousins to have a kid. He was used to adults and interacted better with adults. When it came to kids, it kind of stressed him out a bit in the beginning. Now he loves playing with kids and often tells us he wishes he had a brother and sister!! haha That's so good your friend can take your little son during lunch! I love having the option of working from home thanks to the wonders of internet! However, if my son is home it's hard for me to get any work done!
Aug 27, 2009 @ 11:00 am

hear hear!

It's very hard to find time to work with the kids at home! I usually get my most productive time early in the morning and in the later evening. Often, they will let me work alongside their play - in the playroom or in our yard (thank goodness for wireless internet!), or during their TV time (which I do limit, never fear!). I don't know how a full time job would be possible; in that case I would have to look for better options. I'm currently part time, so my situation may not be comparable to someone else's.
Aug 27, 2009 @ 11:47 am

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