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Is anyone else having trouble with they're computers when you log on to MSN email today?
I've tried twice today and both times my computer started acting crazy.
It sounded like it was down loading something, but it got louder and fast the longer I was logged on.
I was able to get one short email out, but by then it started to smell like something was burning, so I shut it down.
When I started it back up it was fine, that is until I tried to go back on MSN.
Once there it started doing it all over again.
Every where else I've bin on today its bin fine.
It's very strange!

Jan 31, 2011 @ 09:09 am

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Sorry takoda I'm at work so hotmail.com is blocked. I can check it when I go home but what you're describing sounds really weird. The hotmail site is pretty low key, I can't think of any plugin that might run when it loads that might be causing your PC to act so funny... Try this:

Open task manager (right click on the taskbar (the bar your 'start' menu sits on) and click on Task Manager).
Click on Processes
See how many processes you have running

Then go into hotmail.com and see if any new processes start up. You should have just 1 extra process start up (iexplore.exe) but that's it. Go into Process tab again, click on "Mem Usage" to sort my highest and see which process is using your memory the most. Click on "CPU" to sort by cpu usage and see which process is using it the most.

Usually loud sounds is caused by fans (cpu or video card fans depending), but if your fan was crapping out on you then it'd happen everywhere, not just on one site.

Also if it starts making louder/faster sounds go into the Performance
tab and take a look at your CPU and PF usages, see if they're maxing

Let us know what you figure out and we can take it from there...
Jan 31, 2011 @ 11:12 am


Sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday, I had to go right after I posted this.
My MSN email seems to be working fine today and both my boy's email's were fine for them yesterday. So I have no idea what was going on. Like I said it was very strange.
Any how thanks for your help, I'll keep it in mind if it happens again.

If you're at work today and you live where the storm is headed be careful on your way home.
I was just out there and the wind has picked up big time in Windsor, so the storm is on it way now.
Feb 01, 2011 @ 01:43 pm

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