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Do I dream the future?


On more than one occasion I have had a very vivid and bold dream with scandalous topics and bizarre themes. The strangest part about these dreams is that small fragments of the dreams have recently been coming true in real life in mere days after I have these wacky dreams. The first time it happened I thought it was coincidence, but it happened again recently and I definitely am wondering if I have mild ESP or am a slight precognitive dreamer!? Here are 2 examples of what happened to me...

Dream #1: I had a dream that I was in the school halls with my friend (Danielle) and a guy names (Tom) who I had started a relationship with in the dream (but I am not friends with him in real life at all!) The dream was strange and I remember danielle saying "Oh, Tom is so nice to you." and Tom was friendly and everything seemed happy, but also strange because Tom and I would definitely never be a couple in real life.

In real life: A few days after I had this strange dream I was looking through my friend's phone and saw Tom was on her contact list. I asked her why she had him as a contact considering they are not friends at all. She told me that a few months ago he had been talking to her on facebook and admitted to liking her and asked her to come to his house and wanted to spend time with her. This was a huge shock because she proceeded to say that while she resisted his requests because they made her feel uncomfortable he still texted her occasionally about hanging out.

Dream #2: The dream started in a hospital. My friend (Nora) and I were sitting in one bed and in the bed to the left of us sat a girl from school who is extremely popular and flirty. We are friendly with one another and say to hi to each other in the halls but everyone else I know hates her. She was in the hospital because she had broken her foot and leg and was talking to my friend's crush, (Ray), about this. When Ray finished talking to the girl with the broken leg and foot he came over to our bed (even though neither of us are friends with him). I immediately started talking to Nora and saying how amazing she was (trying to communicate to ray that Nora is a great girl and he should ask her out). He seemed upset that neither of us were talking to him and he said "don't you want to hear my story?" I suddenly got a burst of energy and said "yes, tell us!" he started talking and before I knew it he was kissing me. I felt nauseas as he kissed me because my friend who likes him is sitting right beside me. I can remember feeling frozen, I couldn't kiss back and I couldn't move away from him. He kissed me twice, but on the third kiss I was able to move and I stood up feeling like I was about to throw up. My friend Nora said "don't worry about it...honestly you two should be together." but I had to leave. I walked around the halls of the hospital which transitioned into the halls of my school. When I came back to the hospital he was still there looking confused and I just felt so terrible because I knew my friend liked him. (NOTE: I do not have a crush on this guy and I do not want anything to happen between us. I want him to be with my friend!)

In real life: 2 days after I had this dream where I got with my friend's crush my sister's closest friend (Jane) got asked out by my sister's biggest crush. My sister was devastated because Jane never hinted that she liked the boy but apparently she had liked him in secret all along and was delighted when she was asked out by him.

What does this mean!?
Jun 21, 2012 @ 01:01 pm

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Coincidence? Subconcious?

It could just be a total coincidence, it's not like your dreams were exactly what happened so it might just be that.

Or could it be that maybe you are just extra sensitive to people and their feelings and maybe you are picking up on these vibes? Maybe you pick them up subconsciously and then they get into you somehow and that's why you are dreaming them?
Jun 21, 2012 @ 04:11 pm


Dreams are founded on subconscious fears, worries, desires, etc. We tend to subconsciously pick up on details all around us and think nothing of it, often dreams are our minds way of working out seemingly random and unimportant details. Your dreams are not coming true, that much is fairly clear, I think you're reading too much into these dreams and trying to find a real-life connection, sorry. You are either picking up a lot of subconscious clues from those around you and your brain is trying to make the subconscious details conscious ones, or your dreams are just dreams. Dreams tend to never mean what they seem to, typically dreaming about a death means re-birth in some aspect.
Jun 22, 2012 @ 11:30 am

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