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Do you love winter?


Most of my friends are winter-haters. Someone close to me recently had to move from our relatively warm Carolina region to Duluth, Minnesota. She's originally from California, so you can imagine how thrilled she was.

As an ex-Prairie girl, I grew up in the cold. Despite my assurances that winter can be a lot of fun, my friend remains unconvinced.

I don't have a favourite season: I really do love them all. So I say to all of you winter haters, I love snow! I love getting chilled through from a day of sledding or skiing and then warming up by the fire with a mug of mulled wine or hot chocolate. I love the brilliance of the blue sky against the sparkling white blanket on the ground, even if the outside temperature is so cold our thermometer cannot get an accurate reading.

Who's with me? What is your favourite thing about winter? And winter-haters, feel free to defend yourselves... if you can :)
Nov 12, 2009 @ 11:02 am

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I am all for winter activities...snowboarding, sledding etc and I love snow (as long as I don't have to shovel it off of a driveway, scrape it off of a windshield or perilously drive on the 401 with a bunch people who can't drive in the snow). So I guess I do like the winter...hot chocolate, dressing in comfy cozy sweaters etc. Having said that though, I don't like the grey that comes along with it, I am a HUGE fan of the sun and I am a lot happier in it and when it feels warm. I tend to hibernate and not socialize as much when it is cold or wintery outside!
Nov 12, 2009 @ 12:59 pm
Ali de Bold

Grrr winter

I enjoy spring SUMMER and fall. Especially summer. ;) Winter for me is hibernation, excessively dry skin, staticky hair, a strange obsession with wearing sweat pants and warm sweaters and doing nothing after hours except reading books, watching movies and sitting by the fire place... if I actually had a fire place. I get mad waiting for the streetcar with the wind slapping my face, I'm irritable if my toes or fingers get too cold, and without fail, every year I see new burst capillaries on my overly sensitive cheeks. I'm pretty sure I was supposed to have been born in southern California (or Italy, or France, or ooh - Miami!) but then I wouldn't be Canadian and that would be sad.

I am waiting for someone to invent the world's coziest boots that are fashionable. I think if I bought a lovely Russian fur hat with ear flaps (what do you call those again?), I might be able to tolerate 5-10 minutes outside. Anyone know a good place to buy one of those?
Nov 12, 2009 @ 01:46 pm

LOVE Summer!

I prefer summer days! I love love the beach and the ocean. I just moved back from Yuma, AZ. and is super hot over there in summer, don't like that summer though, but being over there I would miss the cold rainy days from San Diego cause it was so hot all the time, so hot that you can't go outside and enjoy the summer if it wasn't going to the pool or the river to get wet. I love San Diego's summer sunny days. So much to do here and I don't and won't change my ocean for the river or the desert!
Nov 12, 2009 @ 03:38 pm

Ahhh winter.

I am really not a big fan of winter. But.... I will try to warm up to the season (no pun intended). I am all up for trying new things like winter sports... but I admit that I'm not into hanging out in the cold for long periods of time! Shoveling snow can such a pain... especially if you have a long driveway. The worse is when the snow never seems to end!

I don't like how the city streets get so... mushy, when it's a mixture of slush and dirt. Ewww!

Part of the beauty of living in Canada is enjoying all you can do outdoors and there is lots... especially when there is snow. I think one of the only ways I can learn to appreciate Canadian winters is finding something that I enjoy doing outside.

Here is a different take:

I like how snow makes things so pretty ^^

And winter fashion boots can look so hott!
Nov 12, 2009 @ 11:32 pm

ugh winter

mamaluv, your post made me smile! I admittedly loathe winter ha ha but something about your cheerful optimism just made me warm and fuzzy inside.

I can't defend my hate of winter, I can only complain. I. DO. NOT. LIKE. THE. COLD. I much prefer being warm or even downright hot in the summer months. I hate being forced to wear layers. I feel like I'm preparing for a battle every time I get dressed to go outside.

I was shopping the other day with my sister looking for new winter coats and was actually depressed at the prospect of trading in my adorable warmer weather blazers for a parka with a fur hood. Imagine that, depressed AND shopping in the same sentence! Misschickie, I am also looking for those perfect warm and cozy yet stylish boots. I have been searching for them for what feels like forever ... I naively believed that such a thing actually did exist ha ha

What a depressing post. I apologize for my rant. I can say that I do love fall. I love the changing leaves, the cool crisp air, the smell, the start of school, Thanksgiving!! Fall is definitely my favourite (I adore summer too but it gets a major strike against it for turning my hair into a Diana Ross-esque do)

Nov 13, 2009 @ 10:32 am

right back at you, Curly...

"I feel like I'm preparing for a battle every time I get dressed to go outside."

See, now that made me giggle, so thank you too!

It is true... Now just multiply that times a few kids plus their snowsuits!
Nov 13, 2009 @ 01:30 pm

used to love winter

I hate summer. I hate the heat; I spend most of my summer being miserable because it's so hot. My favourite season is the fall because you still have the beautiful sunny days but it's not hot and humid. I don't care much for spring because I find it kinda dirty and smelly at times, but it's a nice season between the cold winter and the dreaded summer.

I used to love winter. I love the snow and I really enjoy downhill skiing, the only sport I actually get excited about and the only exercise I do without kicking and screaming. I love the fact that you can bundle up in warm fuzzy sweaters and blankets, get all cozy and warm with a hot drink. So nice... :)

But I noticed in the past few years, I enjoyed winter less and less. Just the other day, I was grumbling about how I was freezing my butt off at the bus stop and it was only -2C!! I am afraid I'm getting old...I am becoming less tolerant as the years go by. It made me so sad...to love winter less and less...and to actually witness visible signs of aging!!
Nov 15, 2009 @ 02:14 am

getting older

'S okay Bubbly. There is nothing wrong with being a little crotchety at the bus stop. Even I, recently complimented as an optimist (thanks CurlySue), have been known to b*tch and moan while waiting for Transit Tom to make his appearance.

The great thing about getting (slightly) older is being allowed to wear sensible clothing. I remember 9th grade, walking around in frigid temps with my jacket unzipped and no mittens or hat. Wow, were we stupid!

As a crabby old lady, I can now look at those girls and sniff with disapproval :) Right next to the dude with the saggy pants. You know you're getting old when you have such a strong urge to march over there and yank 'em up yourself.
Nov 16, 2009 @ 01:37 am

Love winter!!

I'm a meteorologist, what can I say!?!?

I demand seasons. I love the change. I lived 2004-2008 in Monterey, CA where there is no winter, just 50s/60s (10-15 C) every day of the year. While most would love that, to me, its great for a while, and then I need some change. So I welcome just about any season for its dynamic nature. But I can't take any season for too long. Call me fleeting! ;-)
Nov 16, 2009 @ 03:10 pm

Winter Now vs. Winter Then

As a kid, I loved winter! I lived in a small town so that meant fresh clean white snow to play in. Not the dirty, slushy, disappointing snow that we get in Toronto. I would build forts and caves out of snow, lay on top of big piles of snow and just stare at the night sky, and of course, go sledding! My Dad would take us sledding all the time. And even when my fingers froze to the core, I would be having way too much fun to even care. I have a bittersweet love for the way the front of my jacket would get all soggy from me breathing hot air onto it in order to keep warm. Walking through huge piles of snow is one of the best things in the world. Plus, the white reflects light so perfectly and makes for great photographs.

Now? I loathe winter. I hate how I know my boots will become rock hard with salt. My feet are always cold. My hands are always frozen. My legs don't feel like they even exist because they're so cold. The Toronto drain system fails every year and leaves huge puddles at every crosswalk. I can't ride my bike to work. You have to pay for coat check and wait in line to pick up your jacket at the end of the night. The wind nearly blows you down. You can't have a real conversation when you're walking down the street with a friend because you're both hiding inside your jackets. And it seems that all the joyous and natural sounds of this amazing city become muted.

If I was back home, I'd drive to Lake Louise every weekend to remind myself why Winter is so great.
Nov 19, 2009 @ 07:23 am

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