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Do you make your bed every day?


Do you make your bed every day? And why?
I try to make the bed a very morning ... at least to straighten out the comforter and pillows. But I have gotten lazy and don't bother with the decorative cushions anymore.
Feb 13, 2016 @ 12:16 am

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I make my bed every morning. It's a habit, it doesn't seem right if I just leave it.
Feb 13, 2016 @ 12:22 am


I read once that it is good to let your bed airout so I stopped making it in the mornings. My hubby usualy will straighten it out a little later in the day.
Feb 13, 2016 @ 12:23 am


I pull the sheets and blankets up to make them lay flat, but don't actually "make" the bed everyday. The pillows often stay messy looking.
Feb 13, 2016 @ 08:45 am


Nope! My kids always take my blankets and pillows to make a fort or a tent so there is no point.
If we have company then I would make the beds
Feb 13, 2016 @ 09:22 am


As soon as I am up I make my bed except Sunday I change the sheets we made our beds as kids the way it should be
Feb 13, 2016 @ 10:10 am
Sandra Ribeiro

making our bed

I make my bed everyday. At night I spray my sheets with febreeze ( lavender scent ).
Feb 13, 2016 @ 10:53 am

Not in the morning

I am not a morning person at all! I am running behind schedule every single morning. Making my bed is the last thing on my mind.
I usually tidy when I get home from work. And making my bed is part of that routine. I like jumping into a tidy bed at night.
Feb 13, 2016 @ 11:01 am

Do you make your bed every day?

It is the first thing I do because my bedroom is in view of the front door. I just don't like anyone to see my bed a mess.
Feb 13, 2016 @ 11:06 am

Yes I make my bed

If I don't make my bed because I am late going to work , I will fret about it all day long at work because the bed is undone , so I make it when I come home , but make a habit of it to make it when I get up !
Feb 13, 2016 @ 11:18 am

Literally never

Only when changing the sheets I guess. I just don't see the point. I'm the only one who sees it, haha
Feb 13, 2016 @ 02:55 pm

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