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Facebook Etiquette


Alright Chicks, I have a question about internet and facebook etiquette here. I posted a link on my personal facebook wall of a story I had written- you can read it over here.

An old friend commented on my link, on my facebook wall and wrote a VERY long and rambling rant about cellphones, capitalism, money, society and even commented on my being sexist saying that cellphones were like boyfriends- another, better model comes a long every 5 mins.

First of all- let me clear the air here, I am not sexist ok??? It was a joke! Oh boy. 

My question is- should I respond and how should I respond? I know that if you put something on the internet you need to expect people to have differing opinions and he is totally free to think my story sucks. I just can't help but feel that as a friend, he should of followed the old rule of, "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all". And I also feel embarrassed that he posted it on my personal wall, where all my other friends can see it. Should I delete the comment?

What do you think?  
Aug 17, 2011 @ 04:28 pm

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I hate when people do that. They are such pretentious people who think they are being so smart using "big" words, and voicing a "strong opinion" when in reality, this is the kind of stuff that creates MORE problems in the world. It's like they can never be satisfied no matter what you do!
Also, his comment had NOTHING to do with your story at all. I don't know how he got femininism and backward capitalism or whatnot from a flip phone? ...Did you even talk about flip phones in your story? lol!

Sorry, I ranted.

Aug 17, 2011 @ 04:35 pm


Is it possible to post up what your friend said so we can have a better picture of what we're dealing with lol.

I have to agree with jskim. Sometimes people take things the wrong way and they just take it waayy too far.
Aug 17, 2011 @ 04:48 pm


So you have 3 options:

(1) fire back and tell him he's being a little over the top, either sternly or jokingly
(2) delete his comment
(3) diffuse by ignoring it

The first 2 options will probably get you into further debate and I'm guessing you don't want to go there.

I think you can safely ignore it, since everyone's Facebook feeds are fairly full and chances are most of your friends might not see your update anyway. If he persists or another person posts a similarly negative comment, then I'd just delete it. For now though, I suggest the safest course of action is to do nothing at all.
Aug 17, 2011 @ 04:50 pm


I don't want to post his whole comment because I don't want to bully him but here is the last line that really struck me:

But, this man-objectification doesn't undo the sexism of the past, nor does it raise the status of women today. I think phones are like umbilical cords wrapped around our necks!

I think you are right @mamaluv I am going to ignore it. If this were anyone else, I wouldn't mind but him being my friend, it stings a bit. Especially because I respect(ed) his opinion.
Aug 17, 2011 @ 05:12 pm

other stuff

I'm guessing there are other stressors here that are making his reaction to your post stronger than it might otherwise have been.

It sucks when it's a friend - I have a few outspoken ones too and occasionally I have to step back from those relationships from time to time. But I think it's a good idea to not respond. That just validates his comment regardless of what you say back.
Aug 17, 2011 @ 05:22 pm

I agree with Mamaluv.

I'ts best when people ignore it :) They just want their voice to be heard.
I calmed down a bit now, so I swear what I'm saying is rational!
Aug 17, 2011 @ 05:23 pm

Good grief

I'm sorry, and no offense to anyone (or your friend) but that has to be one of my biggest pet peeves. Someone who starts writing 5 paragraphs in a comment about feminism or something on Facebook. It's like, you just look like an attention whore! lol There's a time and a place for discussions like that and yes I believe in free speech but I don't think you need to plaster it all over your friends' walls and your friends' posts for all of their other friends to see. It just seems immature. Especially if you're relatively good friends. Then there's no excuse you can't bring up this topic (if you absolutely must) in private or in a group of close friends. You expect to have your opinions respected in real life so why can't they be on Facebook?

But all that is irrelevant since you didn't even make a sexist comment! haha

Anyway, yes I'd ignore it too. If it's a very close friend and you feel it's necessary then even speak to him about it in private.
Aug 22, 2011 @ 03:25 pm

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