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Free I'm blessed shirt or scam?


Over a month ago there was a link on here for a free I'm Blessed shirt. They said they would contact you after you ordered the shirt within 24 hours. I never heard anything, never received a shirt. I tried ordering it again and still nothing. Did anyone else receive a shirt? I am starting to worry this was a scam.
Feb 23, 2016 @ 01:20 pm

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Maybe I'm the only one who signed up for it ha
Feb 23, 2016 @ 04:19 pm


I ordered it and a water bottle. Not sure if I got a reply email.
Feb 23, 2016 @ 04:42 pm


i think sometimes we dont get stuff because they reached a limit or its just away to get info about consumers?? just my thoughts
Feb 23, 2016 @ 04:46 pm


I agree with blubie. I didn't get a confirmation email from them either. I'll give it another month at most.
Feb 23, 2016 @ 05:21 pm


I never heard anything either
Feb 23, 2016 @ 05:38 pm


Nothing at all. ..is there a new link?
Feb 23, 2016 @ 06:09 pm


That's what I am worried about. I just gave them all my information and it could be a scam. I hope one day some creepy old man doesn't show up at my door because I gave him my address. Haha!
Feb 23, 2016 @ 10:59 pm

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