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Hey gals, for those not following me on social media, I wrote a Valentine's Gift Guide with a funny slant.

Check it out here, on my blog. Thanks to all who read it, I'm just about to break my all time record for most views in a day. Feel so touched and excited.
Feb 09, 2016 @ 10:22 pm

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I will check it out. Sounds interesting!
Feb 09, 2016 @ 10:50 pm


Feb 09, 2016 @ 11:00 pm


Very funny and unique post! I love how you mentioned unconventional gifts for such a conventional holiday. Uncommon Goods is such a cool online store for that reason.

Sorry, my computer is acting a little weird and wouldn't let me comment on the blog itself...

Feb 09, 2016 @ 11:04 pm


Thanks! I adore uncommon codes, but they are very expensive for Canadians. I always have trouble finding good V-days gifts, even Pinterest is so cliche for it!

<3 I appreciate the comment here nonetheless, always nice to have feedback in my writing as rarely do people tell me what they think of it, haha.
Feb 09, 2016 @ 11:27 pm


I enjoy reading your blog ,you make it so interesting ,I look forward to see what you write about next
Feb 10, 2016 @ 07:05 am


It was a good read to start my day!
Thank you :)
Feb 10, 2016 @ 07:20 am


Will check it out.
Feb 10, 2016 @ 12:38 pm


Thanks so much all ^_^
Feb 10, 2016 @ 05:13 pm

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