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My daughter's 2nd birthday is around the corner but we've switched strollers about 5 times since she was born. Not that the strollers we've purchased in the past weren't any good but I've never really been satisfied enough with any of them.

Shes getting bigger now so I'm definitely not looking to spend a fortune on a stroller.
I've always loved the Bugaboo Frog Stroller but then again I am not looking to spend that much money.

I came across the Maxi Cosi Infant Stroller at Sears the other day and fell in love with it, Its got bigger wheels for the rough
weather and I love the roomy cargo space because we do lots of shopping.

The cost of the stroller was $399.99 which isn't as much as the Bugaboo Frog or Peg Perego Skate. So far Its a tie between the Maxi Cosi or Phil & Teds Classic Buggy. Anyone got an opinion on where I can get the bang in my buck?
Jan 20, 2010 @ 10:36 am

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Also I prefer the strollers that offer the optional front and rear facing!
Jan 20, 2010 @ 10:38 am

Depends on future family plans!

If there will be more kids in your future, it might be a good idea to bite the bullet sooner rather than later. We cheaped out on our first two kids but then bought a few things for #3. Since we then "closed shop",we're kicking ourselves for having spent the money so late in the game. Good thing my youngest sister is soon to be a Mom herself!

We had a Cosco (I think?) stroller with the carseat attachment (ie. removable). It wasn't particularly fancy but got the job done. I think at the time it was around $250-300.

In retrospect I would have wanted something a little more versatile, especially with the big wheels, but it did hold up. Now it's not even hand-me-downable as it's completely worn out, but it was good enough.

Sorry I can't be more helpful! I guess what I'm saying is, if you plan to have a few more kids, spend the money now on something that will last. But I doubt the Bugaboo will be so much better for the extra cash spent :)

You probably already know this, but watch also for the size of your stroller when collapsed. My sister-in-law bought a beautiful stroller, only to immediately realize her car trunk couldn't accommodate it!
Jan 20, 2010 @ 12:45 pm

Thanks mamaluv

Thanks mamalucv, That actually happened to us with our current stroller which was a safety 1st stroller. We end up having to take out the wheels every time we take it in or out of the trunk. It's pain especially during the winter. The good thing though is that we just got a new car with more cargo space but I will definitely keep that In mind before making our next purchase. Thanks! Also, as for baby number 2? probably not any time soon :)
Jan 20, 2010 @ 02:07 pm

Goodluck :)

I have had my Graco travel system since my son was born, he's soon to
be 9 months, and I am still using it (not the carrier, he's outgrown
it) but the actual stroller itself. So far it has hold up pretty good,
even on the snow, the wheels are big enough for that extra mighty
traction on ice, and I love that it fits having the JJ COLE bundleme
for toddler attached to the stroller a breeze, but I have been thinking
on getting a more slimmer, lightweight type stroller as I find mine too
big when taking the TTC.

Goodluck and hope you find that one stroller that fits your need :)
Feb 03, 2010 @ 11:27 pm

in the same shoes

My son is 17 mo. and we have 3 different strollers. We have a Graco travel system which we bought when he was first born. Then I got a nice sturdy umbrella stroller that was on sale at Babies R Us. Finally I broke down and bought the BOB Revolution. And the BOB is by far our favourite.

There was nothing wrong with the Graco, excellent stroller, really. But the BOB just feels so much better, even going out on walks or going to the mall. It maneuvers so well around corners and tight spaces. We love it. In fact, my husband doesn't even want to use the Graco anymore because he loves the BOB so much. I, however, use all 3 strollers depending on where I'm going. For example, if I'm walking to the grocery store, I will always take the Graco because it's has a really big basket. (Small, hard-to-access basket is my only complaint about the BOB.) If I'm just doing a quick trip to the mall, I'll take the umbrella stroller because it's light weight and still has a big enough basket to hold diapers and snacks.

If I have to buy another stroller, I'd get the Maxi Cosi. Several of my friends own one and they all love it and it's the only stroller they own. So that tells me it's a great stroller and worth the money.

I'm not sure why you want to buy a new stroller since your daughter is already 2, unless you are thinking of expanding your family. In that case, I'd sell all your old strollers and use that money towards a really good one you'll love. You don't need 5 strollers even with 2 kids. And you know what you want in a stroller, so get rid of the old ones and splurge!! :D
Feb 04, 2010 @ 08:57 am

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