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Good Morning Mr. President


In talking to some of my American friends/relatives it seems that Trump is going to win. I know not all people believe in him, but it may be a possibility. What is your opinion?
Apr 09, 2016 @ 12:04 am

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I'm still hoping for Bernie to win the democratic nomination. I would much rather a democrat than a republican. However between Trump and Cruz as much as it makes me sick to say this, I would rather Trump have the nomination as Cruz seems like a psychopath.. But then again Trump probably is as well..
Apr 09, 2016 @ 01:03 am
Sandra Ribeiro


I would like to see Hilary Clinton win. I believe that she's the best qualified to govern a country like the US. I wish we had someone like her in Canada
Apr 09, 2016 @ 10:51 am


I got very worried, so I asked my husband. And he said while he'll win the Republic nomination there's basically no chance he'll get president due to the numbers...
Apr 09, 2016 @ 05:47 pm


It's a scary thought. I really hope he doesn't win.
Apr 09, 2016 @ 07:58 pm

Make America great again

im a Canadian but if I lived in the USA trump would have my vote he's self funded and he's his own man at least if he gets in you know he won't be reading off a script that he's been given. He can be harsh and abrasive but at least he has the guts to stand up and talk about issues most of us are scared to even whisper about
Apr 10, 2016 @ 06:25 am


All I can say is if Trump wins God help America
Apr 10, 2016 @ 07:54 am


Although he does say whatever he thinks and isn't afraid to do so, it will cause so much division in America. His whole "Make America Great Again" motto is not an America where all citizens can live in peace. It means an America which he will mold and shape according to his supremist liking. That means, minorities and foreigners will suffer the most, as we are already seeing with his plans for Mexico and immigrants. People will start to turn on each other. The uproar at some of his rallies is a foreshadowing of what's to come, and it will be on a much grander scale if he is elected. If you research predictive programming in regards to the Trump campaign, you'll get a bigger picture of what's truly behind it. It's actually scary.

Apr 10, 2016 @ 02:53 pm


There's a video on youtube of a guy interviewing Trump supporters and he is telling them quotes from Trump and asking if they agree with them and they all say they do and they even explain why they agree with them and then the interviewer tells them that all the quotes were actually said by Hitler and not Trump
Apr 10, 2016 @ 04:41 pm


Do you have the link to that video @MarkW? It would be interesting to see which quotes he gave. It really doesn't surprise me though. Trump's behaviour mimics that of a dictator at times.
Apr 10, 2016 @ 04:49 pm


Yes and you are right his behavior is very dictatorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NzhQWcc7h4
Apr 10, 2016 @ 04:53 pm

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