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gossip girl xoxo


well i guess u have all watched gossip girl...some love it and some loath it but what is extremely odd to me is that some people have taken the omniscient characters role and gottn a kick out of it.i am from south africa and a certain group of i - dont- know- who has been passing on chain letters and spreading such bad rumours about people and even false info.they were so intrigues by this episode that they even decided to ruin peoples lives.its been terrible coz all of my friends names have been slandered and 2 of which have left the country because they are so ashamed.this person knows everything and although she /he/they make things up it is still crazy how accurate they can be...what would u guys do?coz the situation is getting outa hand

Aug 10, 2008 @ 03:38 pm

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gossip girl

That's horrible. I love gossip girl but that stuff shouldn't happen in real life.

It's really unoriginal for people to act like what they see on television but some people do it because they view a character as someone they want to be like. If these mean girls are acting like gossip girl or Blair they probably do it because they view gossip girl as a powerful and confident character. But when you think hard about the situation, if they gossip and degrade people for power and confidence then they really aren't powerful at all. They shouldn't have to slander other people's names to make themselves more confident.

If your friends show those girls how they can be affected by what they say, the girls will think that acting this way really works. If I was your friend I would tell them to back off or ignore them. Never runaway because it'll just make them feel more powerful. It may be difficult to handle at times but let them know that what they're saying really isn't a big deal, These girls can't taunt them all their lives and does what they say really matter in the future? This is just one part of their lives and they can be stronger than them by not being affected. That shows true confidence.

Never join into their game by trying to get revenge. It'll just make things worse. If your friends care about the rumors then the rumors will keep on coming but if they ignore it the gossipy girls will eventually become bored and stop.
Aug 11, 2008 @ 09:27 pm
Feisty Redhead

tough situation

I've never watched Gossip Girl; I don't care for television much. But like pyto said, usually ignoring these kinds of people will do the trick. The crave and thrive on the attention they get from it - so simply not reacting (no matter how hard it might be) is the way to go. Though sometimes ignoring them doesn't work, I know cause I've been in that situation myself where ignoring them just made things worse. Ignore it the best you all can for a while but if it carries on much longer - depending on how long it's already been going on? - assuming you know exactly who is behind it (sounds like you do) everyone who's been the subject of these rumors could take legal action. I'm not sure of the laws where you are but here in the US libel/slander is viewed as a very serious matter by the judges. It does depend on the severity of the issue of course but it does sound like this has reached a point where it would hold up in court.
Aug 12, 2008 @ 08:05 am

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