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Has anyone won anything from Cottonelle's spin the wheel contest?


No luck for me :( I have been entering everyday since I heard about the contest. I don't really know the odds of me landing on a win, I almost feel like giving up but I am still trying anyway
May 14, 2016 @ 11:15 pm

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I don't really know of any other contests to enter, besides excel. Any contests you ladies are entering?? I'm willing to try my luck!
May 14, 2016 @ 11:16 pm


Lindt chocolate for a year
These are the ones I enter every day. Last year I won on the daily Lindt contest. I won on the excel contest earlier one not the new one.
May 15, 2016 @ 05:42 pm


I sometimes enter a lot of contests but, I have never won anything yet
May 15, 2016 @ 09:20 pm


i have been playing daily, nothing yet!
May 15, 2016 @ 09:35 pm


Don't give up Chicks! I've been trying the Excel for like a year (they keep having new ones) Finally 3 days before the last one ended, I won a Pizza plushie.

As for the Cottonelle, the odds are pretty good, I haven't won yet, but if you keep trying, I think you will have a good shot at winning one of the instant wins. Instant wins are a lot easier to win than any other contest, IMHO. I won something on most of them but always towards the end of the contest. hehe

I enter a lot of contest, I win here and there (the biggest prize was a Monster Energy Snowboard) That was a total surprise because I totally forgot I entered it. :
May 15, 2016 @ 09:47 pm


Try the Valvoline contest; everyone wins on that one! They are giving away so many instant wins on that one. :) Everyone I know won something on their first try so give it a go.
May 15, 2016 @ 09:52 pm


Thanks to all for your replies!
May 15, 2016 @ 10:18 pm

Not eligible

Not for Quebec.

Good luck ladies!
May 15, 2016 @ 10:38 pm


May 15, 2016 @ 11:21 pm


thanks chicks! I'm gonna keep playing!
May 16, 2016 @ 12:16 pm

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