Have you ever thought about being a wedding crasher?

on Mar 29, 2011 @ 10:06 am

I just read an article on Ctv.ca about the final plans and details for the Royal Wedding next week. In a section titled “Wedding Crashers” I read the following:

"Katy Perry and her British comedian hubby, Russell Brand have not been invited to the Royal wedding but they've been telling tabloids that they plan to crash the event. Brand, who hails from Essex in south-east England, has plans to show up dressed at Queen Elizabeth. The couple doesn't seem the least bit daunted that security will be tight. Perhaps they'll be invited, along with Victoria and David Beckham to Elton John's exclusive William and Kate dinner party, planned to coincide with a break in the singer's touring schedule. The party is to thank the engaged couple for the invitation to their wedding."

This section got me think… have you ever not be invited to a wedding you were expecting to attend? How did you handle it? Or maybe you’re on the other side (like me) and you had to cut your invite list a bit, were you ever afraid of hurting people’s feelings or causing drama?

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