My friend was squeezing an acrylic paint bottle through a squeeze bottle and the cap exploded. The orange paint got all over my jeans. 

At the scene of the crime, I dabbed it with water and some of it came off, but it's smeared. My mom soaked them in water for 24 hours, then machine washed them but nothing happened. I scratched off the paint blobs, but what can I do about the smears?

I'm thinking about using hairspray and nail polish , 'cause I don't have rubbing alcohol, but since they're smeared, I don't think it'll work. Any ideas?
Jan 16, 2011 @ 03:23 am

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going on the net and looking up, How to clean anything.
When you find a site, look up removing acrylic paint from clothing.
I have a book called that and you'd be surprised how much you can clean with everyday products.

If you can't find anything that will work, try dyeing them black, or a dark colour that will cover the orange easily.

Sorry I couldn’t help you and more then that.

Jan 18, 2011 @ 08:16 am
Ali de Bold

Not sure that can come off

That's horrible! So sorry this has happened. Honestly at this point they are probably ruined. I'm not sure if anything could have been done in the moment because acrylic paint is really tough but once you wash it, it's essentially 'set' into your pants. You could try asking a drycleaner if they can remove it and to not charge you if they can't. That's what I'd do.
Jan 18, 2011 @ 09:16 am

Hate When That Happens

That's awful! I agree with takoda and ali, click around the internet and see if there is anything helpful (I've gotten a hand full of stains out of clothing because of the helpful tips on the internet). Be sure the tips are for acrylic paint specifically, there is no use putting product after product on a stain (that could make it worse).

Ali right, make sure the dry cleaners know you don't want to pay if they can't remove it. You might even want to get that written down in a note.

OR, you could always splatter some more paint on those babies and rip a couple of holes in them - try the grunge look....

Either way, good luck!
Jan 18, 2011 @ 10:00 am

been there

I've ruined a few pairs of jeans this way. I never did find a solution :( But I always have need for weekend pants/work pants or if the stain is far down enough, I have chopped off the legs and made jean shorts/skirt out of it.

I like Lauren's suggestion that you make it look purposeful! You can also use Sharpies or other graphic markers to create designs. If you don't have the skills, maybe a friend of yours does?
Jan 18, 2011 @ 11:08 am

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