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Houseplants, Succulents, Plants, Herbs: Living Decor (Feng Shui) Anyone?


I love houseplants, and I garden in the summer.

I tend to bring anything and everything from the grocery store. Some died. Some survive. Some I even made cuttings and make baby houseplants. With these adventures< I learned a lot about plants.

What houseplant do you usually kill?

I killed many violets.

What houseplants survive your temper?

Mother in Laws Tongue ( sansiviera trifecta)

What is your favorite houseplant?
Prayer Plant, Jade Plant, Jasmine

Do you own a lucky bamboo?

Yes I do, this plant can survive in pebbles and water. Yay! Maybe that's why it is called Lucky.

Have a question? Don't know what is the name of that plant you bought at home depot?
Ask me, I may not have the answers, but I can help you look for answers.

Share your pictures of these lovely natural and living air fresheners.

Dec 02, 2011 @ 01:21 pm

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Aloe Vera

I have the worst luck with Aloe Vera...But I never stop buying them because I love using the aloe inside the plant.The latest one I have put in a clay pot and soak it in water so that the water does not directly touch the plant.So far it seems to be hanging in there.

I have had a few lucky bamboo in the past I love them they look so pretty in a glass vase with colored glass and water!The florist I went to always picked one for me as she said the amount of different shoots represented something so she always wanted to pick out a very lucky one for me,very fascinating.

My favorite houseplant I have is my lily plant it has gotten huge I keep in a big wicker basket and have lovely white lilies bloom on it quite often.

Interesting topic angelinarosaries :)
Dec 02, 2011 @ 03:38 pm

Peace Lily

Hi Bren,

yes, Peace Lily are very lovely although mine seems to sulk. I thought it was hibernating for winter, so i stop watering it, and let it do its sulking in the basement.

With Aloe Vera, what did you use it for?

My MIL said it is good for minor burns. I have not use mine yet, but then, i got it randomly last week. It is on the top of my bookshelf. It is still small, but hopefully, i hope it grow before it dies on me.

I like the texture of it, looks sharp, but the aloe inside is smooth and does not prick you like a cactus.

A picture of Jasmine, the flowers smells like Jasmine - very perfume! I am hoping that this plant will last me long enough, or even re-bloom.
Dec 03, 2011 @ 12:48 am

Nice plants

I was always told if the peace lilies are droopy that means they need to be watered that's what I do and they perk right up.Your Aloe Vera is much nicer then mine,I use the gel inside for burns,cuts,any kind of minor skin irritations its wonderful and very healing!

Ive tried a few jasmine plants as well I love the fragrance!But they have always died on me.I have also in the past tried and would love to grow a orange tree,I have no luck with them at all but the blossoms smell so good.You have quite a few blooms on your jasmine plant.Your house must smell so good!
Dec 03, 2011 @ 12:02 pm

I missed this

I wish I would have seen it sooner. I love my plants, but I only have
one room where I can grow them because of the way my house was built.
Any how does anyone know any thing about lemon trees. I grow one from a
seed I took from a lemon I bought at a grocery store. Most people are
surprised when I tell them that, but its true. I've never bin able to do
it again, but I keep trying. This one is over five feet now, but I've
never gotten any lemon's from it. I don't know if you need two tree's to
get lemons to grow, or not. Does anyone here know? I've seen others
that are more short and bushy with lemons, but like I said mines more
tall then bushy. I'll try and take a pic and see if I can post it on
here. Bren, I have aloe plants coming out my ear's. I just put them in
plan old black dirt that you can buy by the bag at WalMart. They keep
getting more and more babies that I have to replant into more pots.
Maybe your watering yours to much Bren. I only water mine plants ounce a
week and that's if I think about it. I think the aloe is more like a
cactus plant, but I could be wrong. I have this other plant my mother
in-law gave me that you can't kill. I forget its name, but if I can get
some pic's up I'll show you guys what it looks like too. Maybe one of
you can tell me what its called.

Dec 04, 2011 @ 01:11 pm

Lemon Tree

@Takoda that's funny you mention the lemon tree.My sister in law has the cutest little lime tree and she said the same as you she just stuck some seeds in dirt!She also has little limes on the plant.She has it by a big window that gets lots of filtered sun I dont think she does anything special with it.After she had told me that I have been trying orange,lemon,lime seeds with no luck!I think the problem in the past with my Aloe plants was just that I was watering them to much as you said.
Dec 04, 2011 @ 03:28 pm

Lemon Tree

bren581: yes, home smell good, especially near kitchen. and it is still blooming to my great happiness. if you live near me, I will propagate some cuttings next spring, so I can give you some cuttings.

Hi takoda, you are lucky with your aloe. I was told this happen when we water the plants right, they give you more aloe babies. I'm pretty sure you did the right thing in watering.

I have the same plant that look like aloe, but without the plump leaves. this is very hardy, survive in a very light in the corner of my room, and the other one is on top shelf of my washroom. it is called Mother in laws tongue, snake plant ( sanseviera trifecta).

This plant gets very little light, that's it. A shade of my lampshade and it produce a baby.
It is called Sansevieria Trifecta. Common names: mother in laws tongue, snake plant.

This Sanseveria Trifecta is on top shelf of my washroom shelf.
It gets decent light, she gets 1/4 cup of water each week or one cup a month.
She is in a 4 inch pot.

Lemon tree can be propagated by seeds, especially those mature ones that we get from store. However, they can grow really tall. Bearing fruit indoors is another story.

On pollinating lemon tree, it is easy (if you are into botany), but casual hobby can be challenge. I tried to do this in my aunts lemon tree without success, smudging pollen to the next flower. In my hosta hobby, I manage to pollinate few and is propagating the seeds now for my hybridizing project.

Lemon tree do not need a second one to pollinate it. One is fine.

Try bringing them in patio for summer, the bees may do the pollination for you.

Here is an article about how to pollinate it yourself using paintbrush.

For houseplant Identification, on my personal gallery i added few of my houseplants.
you might find it similar, my houseplants are those very common you can find in loblaws, home depot.

I'll try to post some pictures here and there to update.

Dec 04, 2011 @ 05:58 pm

Jade Plant, Money Tree, Lucky Plant (Crassula ovata)

jade plant, money tree, lucky plant (crassula ovata)

This plant is also very common, and from crassula family, needs very little water, close relatives of those cactus family.

batch of fresh cuttings(see below). Once they root, in about a month, they are given away or traded for another kind of plant.

these root in a mix of perlite and soil. or if you have play sand, add soil, that will do too.

Dec 04, 2011 @ 06:02 pm


Hi Angie I live in the Kootneys in British Columbia so I am quite far from you!But thank you very much for offering clippings!Do you put root hormone on your new clippings?I am trying to grow roots from a bay leaf branch I am hoping it will work!I dipped it in root hormone and have it in a small pot indoors.My landlady is really into taking cuttings she also belongs to a gardening club where they trade there clippings I am hoping to join in the spring.

Right now her house looks lovely because she has many Christmas cactus plants in bloom all different colors.I have one that is starting to get buds and will flower in a pale pink flower.Your plants all look very healthy and nice!I love mother in law tongue they are such a unique plant!
Dec 04, 2011 @ 08:31 pm

Cool plants

My favorite Plant in the House - NEPENTHES ASIAN PITCHER PLANT.
Dec 04, 2011 @ 09:31 pm

Hoya Plant: This one has nice smell too like Jasmine, but she does not even add more leaf?

@suelyn: pitcher plant grow freely in a natural habitat in the Philippines where I was born. Very amazing carnivorous plant. My brother and I used to observe spiders going down the flower and never come out. Very amazing plant, lots of character to it. Unfortunately, my home cannot provide warm and decent environment for it to prosper. I bet your home has warm temperature for pitcher plant to thrive.

Do you live anywhere warmer than my cold cold home Ottawa?

@bren581: ops, you are a bit far, about few hours on the plane. I used to live in North Vancouver, just few blocks from Lonsdale Quay, 3rd street I believe. I only stayed for one year contract for work, it was nice and also expensive place. I like visiting the nearest walmart for bareroot roses, and the Park and Tillford Mall, there was like a small garden there for inspiration.

What I miss about Vancouver is the awesome weather to grow Hybrid Tea roses. It flowered all year long....unlike here in Ottawa, where....well, we are snowed in already. LOL, all Hosta are dead to the ground until next spring 2012.

Here are archives of my rose garden in my old balcony.

for bay leaf, i think you need rooting hormone #2 for semi hardwood. I use basic #1 rooting hormone for soft cuttings. Its amazing how we can grow a plant from simple cuttings. Yes, gardening clubs are best place to trade cuttings. And learn more. Mine is more of trial and error, plus studying horticulture. So, what I learn in classroom and books, I put it in my kitchen experiment. You are bound to found Perlite, and Vermaculite in my kitchen rather that the usual flour and shortening.

For mixed rooting any cutting, I add perlite to the soil....that whitish stuff, it keeps aerate your soil, thus prevent compacting. Or go for the traditional sand and soil mix. I got interested in hoya about fall, and I put them in water, and another batch in soil/sand mix. They both give me good results, both method give me roots about 1 month, except the one in water give me stinky smell. So, i reckon that rooting hormone good soil mix is my method of propagation.

My experience in hoya cuttings -- is that is grows very slowly. Since October, it did not die, but never added any leaf at all, and now it is December. I maybe impatient, but geez, give me at least one new leaf. Just one leaf my dear plant, is that too much to ask?

Anyone has hoya plant?
How often does it add one more leaf?

Hoya Carnosa Cuttings in Fall 2011

And yes, Christmas Cactus are awesome, good season to have it. I have red ones and some with white flowers, but it opens into pale pink. I have another cutting in the basement which refuse to give me flowers. Maybe, one is bound to sulk and test my patience.

@Takoda and Bren: I will start collecting orange and lemon seeds and try my luck too. :) Oh my, my cupboard will be full of germinating soil and seeds:)))

Dec 04, 2011 @ 11:51 pm

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