I signed up for a class and they changed it without telling me!


I signed up for a 3 month dance class. There were 4 at my level I could pick from that started on different weeks. I omitted 2 of them right away because I couldn't make those days and was left with either Sat morning starting early Jan or Thurs evening starting early Feb. I ended up picking the Thurs evening one.

Well I went to the first class and turns out they changed everything but didn't even call to tell me! Now it starts the second last week of Feb (2 weeks later!) and it starts 1.5 hrs earlier than it was scheduled for!!! That is definitely NOT what I signed up for. If that was the case I would've signed up for the Sat morning one. The Sat morning one has already been going for a month so there's no way I can join in.

The person at the reception desk wasn't very nice and said they have some sort of major performance so everything was pushed back, the class now starts earlier and someone should've called me. I kept replying back to her that someone should've called me but no one did and she kept arguing with me that that's impossible. But then why would I show up for a class that doesn't exist? The problem was I signed up right after the new year so they changed things after I signed up but still . . . someone should've told me!I feel like I should be offered a discount on taking this class or be offered some free passes since I planned my schedule for the next 3 months around this. The receptionist also said I should've seen the signs all around the studio but I told her I don't come to the studio because my class was supposed to start today! Then she said the class has been changed and there's nothing I can do about it. So I could take another class that suits my schedule when the next round of classes start in 3 months and to call on Mon to talk to this other person because she can't do anything. She was really rude and didn't even apologize, instead blaming me.

Does anyone have any suggestions of how I should handle this situation? I want to complain to the owner but I know I can't change what's happened in the past. I feel like it's bad customer service since they changed the start date and time (probably the 2 main factors as to why people sign up for classes!) without telling me and I should get compensated for my trouble since I planned the next 3 months around this and they changed it without notifying me. Any ideas?
Feb 04, 2010 @ 09:13 pm

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insist on your rights

You are right. It's not right that they changed your class and not tell you. That receptionist sounded very rude. She probably has no authority to do anything for you. So go back Monday and ask to speak to someone who can make decisions. Ask to speak to the manager. You should insist on getting your money back.

Tell the person why you had to take this class because you couldn't fit the other classes in your schedule. Also tell them that the new class schedule isn't acceptable. Tell them you can't commit to classes that starts THREE months from now because you don't know your class schedule in spring.

Completely changing the class schedule is effectively canceling this class and starting a new one (teaching the same content). That's why you should get a full refund.

Don't let them push you around. They were wrong. Acknowledge the fact that perhaps someone did make the calls but whoever that person is dropped the ball and missed you. You don't care that the other people got calls; you only care that you never got the call.

Good luck. Too many places try to cheat their customers. Whatever happened to "Customers are always right"?
Feb 05, 2010 @ 07:18 pm

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