Injured workers and WSIB

on Dec 12, 2014 @ 03:45 am

I was hurt at work when a sheet metal fell on me, this was held up with a small zip tie, almost cut off my head and now I have to deal with WSIB no one in the whole world wants to have to deal with these people the only thing they care about is how fast you can get back to work, don't matter if you can't walk you must go to work, crawl if you have to but make sure you go to work,  The laws in Canada has change and it is modified work asap even if there is no work for you, they expect you to stand around at work doing nothing for a shift,  why would WSIB want you to be safe and comfortable at home when they can make you stand around in pain at work, and then you don't get paid, they deny you your claim or LOE at the beginning of your claim expecting the employer to pay but they only pay the hours you are at work so if you can only stay for 4 hrs than you have to live on this, so expect to lose everything. The case workers yell at you on the phone, they call you liars and they treat you like you don't matter,
I would like to know who else has to deal with WSIB and what their story is.
Always write things down and keep track of everything, take pictures you never know when you will need them

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glad I don't have the same story on Dec 12, 2014 @ 02:17 pm

I never needed to actually get time off, but I did go through WSIB for coverage for my physio after I injured myself at work. And it was relatively easy. I'm sorry you had such bad service. Have you tried talking to management? I don't think you should be getting yelled at on the phone and called a liar, that's not right. And if standing alone gives you pain, then they shouldn't expect you to stand around for an entire shift. You'll heal faster if you're at home and in comfort.

Injured worker and WSIB on Dec 12, 2014 @ 05:37 pm

Thank you for telling me your story, your right they should not make me stand around but I guess no other work for me to do, Yes I did speak with management and asked for a different worker to deal with but was told that if they had to change the case worker for every complaint than they would never get any thing done so she said no you have to stay with Margo. Thanks again

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