Is summer usually slower?

on Jul 06, 2015 @ 11:05 pm

I am pretty new to ChickAdvisor so just curious if some of the chicks who have been around for a while can tell me if there are slower months during the year when it comes to campaigns? There seemed to be quite a lot going on when I joined a couple of months ago and now there hasn't been anything since Amope (which I did not get). Is it because things slow down in the summer or is it pretty unpredictable?

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summer on Jul 06, 2015 @ 11:43 pm

Hi danayyc! Welcome to Chickadvisor!

You brought up a good point. I haven't really paid attention as to whether or not there are patterns of a slower period, but the last few months have been quite busy with new campaigns. I guess it all depends on the companies that offer them the products that we ultimately review.

Good luck on getting selected for future campaigns!


Spring and Fall on Jul 07, 2015 @ 12:35 am

Usually the spring and fall are the busiest for product releases. Chick advisor usually comes up with some kind of activity to fill in the gaps like shopping, booster parties, or a new look of this site. They are always looking for new ideas to make us happy :)

IS SUMMER USUALLY SLOWER?-danayyc on Jul 07, 2015 @ 11:19 am

I have been with #ChickAdvisor a few years now and I have found that they consistently have new products up for review. In fact more than any other club I belong to. Also they have really great and expensive cosmetics, skincare, beauty aides and also wonderful products for moms. Great question.

hmmm on Jul 07, 2015 @ 11:33 am

What degree of participation does one need to be selected for a campaign? I really enjoy reviewing products that I use currently, but I don't have time to be on the site constantly (maybe doing 4 reviews a week and participating in chats).

:) on Jul 07, 2015 @ 10:16 pm

Great question AFH1, I am wondering that too as I am not always online...

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