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Just hanging out with my dog.. bothering him.. He is wearin pink tap shoe socks!


Watch our video here: https://youtu.be/Cjg-_bXsOvQ


Its so funny how much my dog loves to watch TV!  I sit here working on my computer and I look over at him and he is watching the television. He knows when commercials have Doggo's in them and he is sucked in.

What's really funny is my parents have a 60 inch TV and Buddy seems to go nuts when there are dogs on the huge screen!

Anyway.. First I bought him blue snow boots online. First set TOO BIG! Second set.. still to big. I mean they fit but he walked right out of them. They did not come any smaller so I them searched for other options.

I bought him socks with treads on them. Figuring that at least the socks would protect his feet from the snow and icy weather here in Pennsylvania.  This seems to work, but I can tell that if he is out side there for a bit he starts to feel the cold. 

He tends to take longer to use the bathroom in the colder weather as he can not smell what ever it is that helps him go to the bathroom. {{Yes, he smells and smells around until he finds the right spot! Sometimes he takes about ten minutes to find that special spot!}} <~~ Annoying but I LOVE him!


So, if you have the answer to the winter footwear for dogs... comment below the video!

Jan 11, 2017 @ 04:52 am

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