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Mail Man


It's been a few times that I received mail that looks like it's been open. Today I received a box that clearly looks like it had been open. I been receiving several boxes lately and it makes me think and obviously it looks like they open it to just see whats inside which I think it's totally wrong to do. Sometimes I wonder and it makes me think that the mail person would or if they ever keep people's mail.

Has anyone has had this problem of receiving mail that looks like it's been kind of open or completely open...?

I thought of maybe placing a note on my mail box with a warning sign but I'm not sure how that sounds....& my husband told me to write a complaint letter to the post office.

What should I do...? Anyone had the same problem before..?
Jun 09, 2010 @ 01:33 am

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complain to post office

I would definitely complain to the post office. Three reasons:

1. The mailman knows where you live. If you tick him/her off, you may trigger more mail theft/damage (assuming of course that this is going on).

2. There may be other complaints on his/her route. The post office can act on this information more effectively than a single customer. They can also protect you as a tipster, so there would be no reason for the mail carrier to suspect you personally if in the mood for a little revenge action.

3. There may be no malicious action going on. This could be a case of problems in their sorting facility where machines are tearing into the packages and the workers have to reseal them. Again, this points to #2, where the postal service can deal with this problem more effectively if the situation is reported directly to them.

I have had one or two cases where I've received a package that was opened, and another case where I sent my sis-in-law some books and the package arrived empty. It's very frustrating, I know! i have also heard on the news of people being targeted for mail theft by their carriers, so it does happen. However, the carriers are under scrutiny because of the sensitive nature of their job and a complaint to the district office will probably be the most effective way to deal with this... certainly for now.

Jun 09, 2010 @ 06:32 am

Write a Letter

Definitely write a complaint letter! If you leave a note on your mailbox that just the postman will see, then he may just throw it out. But if you send a formal letter addressed to the manager, then there is a better chance of action being taken.

Ask your neighbours if they have experienced this problem too.

Jun 09, 2010 @ 09:46 am

Go in

Instead of writing a letter, I would actually go to the post office and complain. I've written complaint letters before with no reply.

I wouldn't write a note because he could take it the wrong way if he's not the one opening your mail. Or he could get angry/revengeful if he actually is the one.

And I agree with Cathy, I would ask your neighbours for sure.

Good luck!

Jun 10, 2010 @ 06:01 pm

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