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Moving to Montreal


I've been meaning to post this for ages...

I'm moving either in September or October to Montreal with my boyfriend and his family. I just want to know what to expect! I've never been there before and I don't know French very well (though I am working on learning, and plan to take some classes). I've been told that it is a very English friendly city and quite easy to get by in compared to the rest of the Quebec. Can anyone that's been there or lives there confirm this?

I'm not too worried about finding a job, as I've already started to look and found a few that don't require any knowledge of French (mainly call centers...if I have to, I'll work in one until I know the language better). Also finding a place to live is no problem, my boyfriends parents are also moving there, so we'll be moving and living with them. I'm just wanting to know what you ladies think of the city. What are the best or your favourite places to shop, eat and see in the city?

I have to say, I'm extremely excited! This is one of the biggest leaps I've taken in my life!
Aug 06, 2008 @ 01:58 am

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Ali de Bold

LOVE Montreal

There is so much to do there (esp compared to Winnipeg), people are kind and the city is just so vibrant and full of life. I envy you the opportunity to learn French fluently!

You will love it there. There is a lot of French, as that is most people's first language, but nearly everyone can speak English too. They are much more bilingual than the rest of Canada by far and that's a great opportunity for you to learn.

I reviewed a bunch of places when I was last there. Some info here:

Sigh! Lucky you!
Aug 06, 2008 @ 10:31 am

Its an amazing city..

I grew up in Montreal, so the city means a lot to me. You're really going to love it there. For me, I've always enjoyed the authentic, unique feel which you can't get anywhere else, especially living in the suburbs of Toronto :P

Downtown shopping district is great. They have the usual high-end stores as well as the little boutiques. I'm more into food, so I always try different things while I'm up there during holidays.

The public transit is really efficient and fast, so you wont have a problem getting into a subway station unless you live in the outskirts. Since Montreal is an island, you're pretty close to the St. Lawrence River. My parents used to go fishing in La Salle - that place is gorgeous. Downtown Old Port is amazing - its rich with history, culture and festivals. It really feels like you're in France!

As for speaking french, lets just say..it'll be easier for someone whose fluent in french to get a job than someone who isn't fluent. Outside of montreal (even quebec city), you'll have trouble communicating since most are just francophones.

Where are you staying? I used to live near Parc Ex station, closer to the Centre Rockland which is another great mall.
Aug 06, 2008 @ 02:57 pm


I'm so excited to go, especially after reading your posts. It's going to be a huge difference compared to little Winnipeg. :P I'm excited about having so much more to do! I'll definitely have to check out that post MC.

I'm glad to hear about the public transit. I've looked a lot in to everything needed to bring my car out there, and it looks like it will cost me an arm and a leg. The insurance appears to be so much more expensive, and by law I would have to buy winter tires (just when I bought all new all-seasons). So I've decided to sell my car before going down. I will have to rely on public transit a lot.

I actually don't know where we'll be staying yet. My boyfriends father is already down there working, and is currently looking for a house. We'll know more once he finds one.
Aug 11, 2008 @ 10:45 pm

English vs. French

everstwater123 is right. You'll be fine in the city as an English speaker. But once you're outside of the city, its all Francophones. Also, the French they speak is "cowby" French. The words and pronunciation in Quebec is to France as North American English speakers are to Britain.

I've been to Montreal a handful of times, summer and winter, and its the closest you can get to Europe while still being in North America.

Good luck on your move!
Aug 12, 2008 @ 01:56 pm

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