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Need help with my business


Who can advice someone who can help me with it?
Jul 02, 2022 @ 10:46 am

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I know something

If you want a truly secure and protected database of your customers, you should turn to a service for it customer service outsourcing . There you can get 100% protection of your customers' data and privacy. They provide every possible service for your customers. You can get answers to all your questions about their services. They will help you in solving problems with already existing databases, and other problems related to working with your clients.
Jul 02, 2022 @ 10:47 am


I'm going to open a business and I'm currently learning and gaining new skills. Can anyone tell me more about retail supply chain?
Jul 09, 2022 @ 07:12 pm


First of all, my congratulations! It is a great idea to open a business. As for the retail supply chain, this is the process you use to get your products to your consumers. There are four major elements of supply chain management: integration, operations, purchasing, and distribution. Each relies on the others.
Jul 09, 2022 @ 07:20 pm

Advice for youre business

Now the internet and technologies have evolved so much that you can already get advice from AI, I can recommend this source https://fitmymoney.com/guaranteed-approval-credit-cards-with-1000-limits-for-bad-credit/ to grow your business, because I did it and since I started using Fit My Money, my business started to evolve a lot; first of all at them you can get guaranteed approval credit cards with 1000 limits for bad credit and on top of that you can get a financial expert who will guide you and give you recommendations on your business.
Aug 03, 2022 @ 01:28 pm

learning new skills

You can learn new skills endlessly.
The best skill will just do it, open your business, and learn skills from your own experience.
Aug 04, 2022 @ 04:03 am

I think

I am not sure that these topics are related. Whether your app will or will not pay off, depends on your marketing skills. But I know that building a single page applications must be done correctly from the very beginning. This business will have a higher potential then. Just because your app will have less bugs.
Aug 10, 2022 @ 09:35 am

Guys, I have one question

Guys, I have one question related with my business. I need to resolve all problems with IT in my company. Do you know some resources where I will be able to hire professionals form IT solutions in Dubai? Thank you in advance.
Aug 16, 2022 @ 06:37 am

At the moment, there are so many opportunities

At the moment, there are so many opportunities to make your business more attractive and profitable by resolving all IT problems. Finally, I succeeded. I tried to search for all the information on the Internet and one day came across an article about https://it-support.ae/it-solutions/it-infrastructure-solutions/ where it was possible to find it infrastructure solutions for myself. If you are also concerned about this area or you have your own digital business, so you may also try ot turn to this source as well.
Aug 16, 2022 @ 06:57 am

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