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New Puppy! Help!

Looking for Perfect

So we got ourselves a new Jack Russell Terrier puppy! He is 8 weeks old and we have named him Apollo. He is very shy so-far and he loves to do his business on the rug. During the night he is constantly barking and waking us all up, which all are very normal. Do any of you chicks have any advice for me?
Mar 10, 2013 @ 09:38 am

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Good luck!!

If you have little kids you better be careful with this dog!! I've had two and they were both a big pain. The last one bit my sons face for no reason at all!! He was gone right after that! They can be very hard to train because they are very strong willed dogs and they think they are smarter then you are. Your best bet is to get him into a training class as soon as you can because they can and will take over your house pretty quickly.

To try and keep him quiet through the night, try putting a clock that ticks under a blanket in his cage along with some old stuffed animals. He just misses his brothers and sisters and should get over that in time.

As soon as he has eaten, or has had some play time, take him out side and watch him until he has done his business no matter how long it might take. Or take him for a long walk until he has done something. If you take him on a long walk before bed it will also help him sleep longer.

Don't let him have the run of the house, keep him in his dog cage, or a closed off area until he's trained. If he does pee on the carpet I found that those sponge cloths work great for soaking up the mess. They're fasts and they work the best on carpet. They work great on any spills you might have as well. Once he starts getting the hang of going to the door don't just let him start running the house, only give him a little more space at a time.

One other house training tick that worked for my brother was to place a little bell on a string and then hang it on the door handle to a height he can reach. Every time you take him out ring the bell, or have him hit it with his paw. My brothers dog learned to ring the bell every time she wanted out by doing this and she still does it today even though she 10 now. They tried everything with their dog to get her not to mess in the house and this was the only thing that worked for them. It sounds silly but it does work on some dogs.

I strongly encourage you to get him into a training class as soon as you can. If you do have children make sure you are watching them playing together at all times. We had our Jack R for three years before he started to get snippy. Even though we were all sitting right there he jumped off the ground and not only bit my sons face, but he hung on to his face until we were able to get him off!! Then he just walked away like nothing even happened. He didn't see that he had done anything wrong and want to play right after it happened.

I'm not trying to scare you, I just want you to be careful because I'd hate to see this happen to any ones child. Some Jacks can be very good dogs, but they have to be very well trained and watched very carefully around children. If you have any more questions feel free to ask, I'll do my best to help you out. I hope some of what I've told you helps you out, good luck!!

Mar 10, 2013 @ 11:14 am
Looking for Perfect

Thanks Takoda!

Thanks so much! I did not know we were getting a dog until they plopped him on my lap, so we have nothing for this dog! We've never had an indoor pet so we're kind of improvising until I can go shopping. Right now I'm trying to get him used to all of the animals outside so he feels safe when he's outside, because those Tom cats are almost twice his size! There are children that I'm also trying to get him to socialize with, and they are used to dogs so I think they will be fine. He seems quite friendly and kind if he can get over his shyness. Thanks again!
Mar 10, 2013 @ 12:09 pm

Love the breed.

I agree with Takoda. I would start him in puppy training classes - not socialization classes, but actual training, because Jack Russell Terrier's are a very strong minded dogs. They are also very high strung dogs, so they will need a lot of exercise to burn off their energy. Not just a walk a day.. a lot of exercise! This could be throwing a ball across the yard 100 times, etc.

This breed also likes to be challenged. You can teach them a lot of new tricks, to help and stimulate their minds. They are also amazing at agility, so that might be another idea!

To also comment on their personality.. I believe any breed of dog can, and will bite - given the right (or wrong) circumstances.. That doesn't mean you should be worried, but any dog owner should be cautious about their pets, especially when children are around. I personally have never had any bad experiences with Jack Russell Terriers before.

Good luck with your training! Oh, and you should totally post a picture! :)
Mar 10, 2013 @ 05:50 pm

Your welcome.

Don't get me wrong looking-for-perfect, these dogs can be very good in the right home, you just have to watch them. Katelynrose is right, any dog can turn on you, we just had the bad luck with the Jack's we had. I also have a feeling the mother of both of these dogs had been over bread and had a bad blood line, but who know for sure why our dog bit my son. I really don't think the dog even knew why he did it. Your best bet is to get him into training classes as soon as possible.
Oh and I ask my vet if getting Takoda, our Lab fixed, if it would calm him down. He said that it doesn't always work with males. Some it does and some it doesn't, that you won't know until after the deed is done. I know you said your puppy is very shy right now, but so were ours when we first got them. They both got over that real fast and were both a ball of energy with in a few weeks. These dogs love to learn tricks like Katelynrose said and can be very good at it, so start working with him early.
When we got our first Jack I had just had my last son and he was very sick, so I couldn't train him like I would have like to. My husband was gone out of town for work at the time so he couldn't train him either. We really never should have gotten him at that time, but it was my husbands brother that had the puppies, he pretty much push it on us.
Our kids were older when we got the second one and even though we spent a lot of time with him he still thought he was the boss, witch is never a good thing with any type of dog. If you need any thing else just let Katelynrose or myself know and we'll be happy to help in any way we can.
Mar 11, 2013 @ 01:35 pm
Looking for Perfect

Thanks to both of you!

Thanks guys, you've been a big help! He didn't bark last night and he no longer pees on the rugs, so we're on better terms now! So far he seems to be a very quick learner and I'm very proud of my little pup!
Mar 11, 2013 @ 03:57 pm

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