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on Jun 08, 2016 @ 09:29 am

I thought by now we would have had some sort of input from CA about our forum concerns. I guess it's going to stay the same??? What do you think?

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. on Jun 08, 2016 @ 04:18 pm

I think maybe Admin didn't see that last Topic regarding points and all the comments. Usually there are some type of response, but nothing at all this time.

I guess we need to bump it up. There are a few good Topics on here with only 1-3 comments and some at 0 which is so sad. :(

Also have you noticed the point changes elsewhere?! on Jun 08, 2016 @ 04:26 pm

mind you they have taken away the points for chatting in these forums but when you review from the spring challenge you're awarded 115 points now! Hopefully that makes it easier to get badges!

Ali de Bold
Yes we saw it :) on Jun 08, 2016 @ 04:45 pm

Hi Everyone, yes we saw the thread. We have been discussing it as a team. We were receiving a lot of complaints from members about people using the forums to play games just to get points rather than using it to share advice and support, which is not what it was intended for.

We can add points back but... we won't be allowing points games in the forums. If we find threads that are clearly designed to rack up points they will be deleted as well as any points associated with those posts.

The gift cards are reserved as a thank you for those who create the most value for our community by adding quality reviews and sharing great advice. We will be reviewing the Top Chicks each month to ensure they fit that criteria before awarding the cards.

Hope that is a good compromise for everyone and thank you for all that you do to make ChickAdvisor a great place!
XO, Ali

Sounds fair on Jun 08, 2016 @ 04:57 pm

That is a great compromise, Ali!

If there is an upgrade to the forum in the future as well, I would definitely recommend an Edit button in order to avoid people complaining about the original posters posting first on their own posts.

I know you gals can't please everyone, but these two topics (games and first posters) seem to be the main complaint threads.

I really do feel the forum separates Chickadvisor from other similar sites by a landslide. I make CA part of my day, because it's an awesome place to be!

I didn't mean on Jun 08, 2016 @ 05:07 pm

that it was easier to win gift cards or that I wouldn't provide quality reviews I merely was pointing out that if people were upset at the loss of points and that's why they weren't replying that there were other point increases in other areas-not to worry.
Sorry if my opinion came across wrong

. on Jun 08, 2016 @ 05:24 pm

Love it, thanks Ali! I hope the forum will be more active when the points are back. :)

My 2 cents on Jun 08, 2016 @ 05:33 pm

Thanks chick advisor for commenting on the post we love to have your input of course and I dedinetly agree the games got a little silly (thank goodness for Google because some were a little bit of a challenge. I absolutely love the forum area and try to come check it out as frequent as life allows the chicks are so great to chat with and supporting I love the site

.... on Jun 08, 2016 @ 05:52 pm

I'm so glad. This is very fair of you. I sort of missed submitting topics.

Ali de Bold
Cuppedcakes on Jun 08, 2016 @ 05:57 pm

@Cuppedcakes not at all. We had intended to make a decision earlier but there is a Canada Post strike looming, which we have been busy dealing with. Happy to see the feedback so far. Have a great day everyone!

. on Jun 08, 2016 @ 10:32 pm

Thank you Ali for responding to our concerns and for continuing to work hard for us. :)

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