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One of *Those* days


Hey ladies, I just need to vent and if you could give me some good, sound, girl talk back, I would really appreciate it. 

So here goes.  I've been under a lot of stress lately. I've been doing full time courses and full time work.  Add that to a regular hectic life, you can understand how stressed I've been.  You guys also know the hair angst I've gone through here  and  here  (yup, that anonym was me).  My hair was blue black, and I paid a LOT of money to get the black off and get it to a beautiful brown colour. 

I of course can't leave well enough alone, so I bought a home highlighting kit..... and turned my beautiful brown hair brassy rusty orange!!  This was last night around 8pm.  I hightailed it to to closest salon.  The lady has done my eyebrows before, and although I never did my hair with her, she takes a lot of care with my brows, so I figured she was safer than buying another box from Shoppers and trying to fix it myself and making it worse.  I went to her, she was super nice, she stayed extra to do my hair ...

She turned my hair back to black!! :'(  I am on the verge of tears all day today! :'(   Ok so it's not  blue black, but its "soft black" or "brown black".  Basically, whatever it is, it's black!!!!! :'( 

SO much money down the drain :'(  I'm feeling so depressed!!  I spent so much money taking out the black, I told the lady about all the work and time I put into getting my hair brown, I told her that if she can't make it brown, then just say so and I'll go elsewhere.. She said "100% guarantee" she will get rid of the brassiness and make it brown.  Exactly her words btw, "100% guarantee".  She got rid of the brassiness, but she made it black!  I could have done this at home for a fraction of the price!!!

On top of that, because she stayed so late for me, even though I was internally fuming that she turned my hair black, I still dropped her at the subway station.  She kept saying I should come back tomorrow to do the peekaboo highlights I wanted to do.  I told her that no I don't think I'll have time to come tomorrow.

Is there any one else out there who is even remotely as stupid as I am, that can't leave well enough alone, and make big hot messes like I do? 

Any advise on what I can do now?  Besides cry and be frustrated, that is.
Apr 24, 2012 @ 03:31 pm

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I don't know what to say Becky, other than we're all feeling for you! How frustrating! We all have our hobby horses (my friend's word for that rocking horse toy you sit on and rock, rock, rock without end or reason), and it's totally understandable that you wanted to try something new. We always say "it's just hair, I can always dye/cut/let grow out/effing shave it off if I don't like it!" But we still feel betrayed and infuriated when it goes sideways. That stylist should not have given you such a guarantee. If you feel able, I would go back and ask her to fix it - her or someone in her salon with more experience. AND FOR FREE.

Sending you great big cyber hugs!
Apr 24, 2012 @ 03:41 pm


I feel you're frustration. Totally been there!! It's hard with hair dying to get what you want, even when you show pictures sometimes they still don't give you what you want. I would definitely go back though. As for the length, I know you may not want to put more money into it now, but my friend got extensions and loved it. I recommended Doll Bar Inc to her, and she wore her extensions for about 5-6 months before she got them redone again, since she got fusion it grew with her hair.

Also, you need a personal spa and treat yourself day. After all that stress. HUGS!!
Apr 24, 2012 @ 03:49 pm

thanks guys!

@mamaluv: thank you! Wanna go to the salon with me so I can tell her to
redo it for free? :-) I'm such a chicken to do it myself! No balls at all :( She kept going on and on about her "17 years of Canadian experience" and pointing out all the certificates on her wall. She's the owner of the place. If i wanted to colour my hair black, then I wouldn't complain 'cuz she made it black. But I worked SO HARD and paid SO much money to get it brown! To have it turn back to black in two hours just broke my heart! :'(

@alize: girl my hair surprisingly grows pretty fast. I've had crappy hair cuts SINCE that post I've made.. at least 2 other crappy cuts. But it's still managed to grow back to waist length which is where it's at right now. I need a spa day!! :'( Everytime I look in the mirror I remember my beautiful brown hair :'(

I thought yesterday was "one of those days" where everything you try, small or big, turns bad. I tried making tea yesterday, the milk was rotten, I coloured my hair (took 4 hours!! to do the whole thing!!) went brazzy disgusting orange, I went to the slaon to fix it, she turned it black :'( Everything I touched yesterday went wrong. If we're going to list all the stuff that have gone wrong to add to my stress ... my mastercard statement isn't available online anymore which means that not only am I having a hard time paying for courses, and books, and making sure that all the payments go through properly, but I'm having to apply for various other mastercards so I can get a replacement. More work and more things to take care of that I don't need right now :( This morning I got out of the house, waited for the streetcar for 40mins in the rain. One streetcar came but the stupid thing didn't stop for us so that doesn't count. I ended up walking to the station, in the rain, after having waited the better part of an hour for the streetcar. Did I mention it was raining? :(

I know none of these things are big deals. They can all be handled and a lot worse can go wrong than bad hair dye or standing in the rain for the streetcar and being late for work. But I feel like I just can't take it on top of all the existing stress! :'(
Apr 24, 2012 @ 04:00 pm

Stress and Hair

Something very similar happened to me, don't worry!!! I too decided it would be a wonderful idea and go from my black hair back to my original brown colour and I decided it would be a wonderful idea to DIY it. It's not.

I hate to say it, but I think that colour that the stylist gave may be the best colour she could give you. I think to cover up that rusty brass orange you get from home dying, you need to go dark. I know you wanted a brown colour, but this may be the best option at the moment. So, don't worry, you didn't lose any money. It may not be what you wanted, but you'll get it soon. I am sure you look gorgeous!!!

As for the stress, I totally get you. I was in a similar situation in college (full time studies, part time job and 2 internships = no life). I order you to take the rest of the day off, do something stress releasing. Also, sounds silly but have a dance party. Seriously. Take 5 mins and crunk to your fave song, you'll feel 10 x better.
Apr 24, 2012 @ 04:01 pm

dance party!

@alexjc your dance party idea made me smile! :-) Not a bad idea!! By the way I absolutely love your hair. So thick and curly and gorgeous, and the colour is sooooo pretty!!! It makes your skin glow!

And @mamaluv: what did you do with our hair!? You're a strawberry blonde now! It looks sooooo pretty!! And LONG! Holy.. do you have hair extensions in? I don't think you're the permanent hair extensions type though, so probably natural, right?

Sigh... feeling so crazy depressed! :( If i tell you guys what I'm thinking right now you'll think I'm quite mad and send me to the nearest mental hospital. I'm thinking that I'm so horrible looking, and out of fashion, and out of shape big time!!!!! And whatever I do to look better just backfires and makes me look worse!!! :'( :'( :'(
Apr 24, 2012 @ 04:17 pm

do you guys..?

Do you guys ever feel like that? Or am I really crazy?

Back in high school I had this awful bf who would make me feel like I looked like shit. He would say how i should feel lucky to have him, only he would be with me, etc. & I used to believe him too! I used to get so depressed, at night I would take eyeliner and scribble and write words like 'ugly' all over my face ... I'd always wash my face after so mom doesn't see me like that and freak out..

Maybe I am crazy :'( Damn I'm feeling so sad and this stupid weather isn't helping either :(
Apr 24, 2012 @ 04:21 pm

One those days!

Don't worry- what you feel is totally normal. I think we ALL have those days. I was just chatting on fb with one of my best friends about this because I was feeling the exact same way, just totally down in the dumps blarrggghh. Whenever I feel like that, I just think to myself, ok- you get to feel this way for 2 more hours, lie down in bed with tea, watch a movie and then when the movie is over... snap out of it. Take some "me time"- when everything gets to be too much, just take a step back and remember to take it a step at a time.

Also- seriously- dance party. I like to put on some jay z or kayne west or maybe some chamillionaire (don't hate!) and I jam out for like 5-10 mins, always helps. And believe me, photos make my hair look waaaaayyy better, it's actually REALLY damaged and feels like straw- just ask my friends hahah
Apr 24, 2012 @ 04:30 pm


I know how you feel...The time I bought what said light brown hair dye and my hair turned out black!I was in tears and I looked so horrible...I looked on line and tried everything suggested to get rid of the black from dishwashing soap to head and shoulders and ended up really damaging my hair.I then found that color oops at London Drugs and rinsed and rinsed as it suggested until the black was completely gone.It really does work!

I can understand your frustration with spending so much money and frustrated that the hairdresser made it worse.I have gone to hairdressers that I have paid good money and gotten terrible haircuts, coloring etc and you feel so horrible afterwards.I agree your hairdresser should never said she could fix it 100% and then try get you to dish out more money the following evening.You were smart not to go back.

Your boyfriend in your past was a jerk!He obviously was a bully and had some control issues by saying you were lucky to have him.I just feel so sad that you vented out your frustration by believing it.

Stress is so bad!Try unwind whatever makes you happy,music, watch a good movie,writing your frustration on here was good and I bet it made you feel a whole lot better.Have a relaxing cup of tea,have a bath in candlelight and just try to unwind and let all your stress disappear for awhile.
Apr 24, 2012 @ 05:48 pm

"Me day"

I agree with everyone... you need a ME day! Pamper yourself and take time to do something that makes you happy! Forget about stress, work, school.... just for one day! Let yourself have time to unwind and relax. It will help! :) But don't feel guilty about it. That would defeat the purpose! good luck! Feel better!
Apr 24, 2012 @ 05:52 pm

alex is right....

You need to let that color sit on your hair and kind of absorb into it before you try to fix. Give it some time. This is similar to a lesson I learned dying my own hair....leave it to the professionals. Especially when lightening.

However, that being said-what's done is done. You will have to leave it alone for awhile. I would try dressing it up with fun hair accessories....clips, bows, hairbands (in patterns/colors that you truly love and kind of express yourself).

As for the depression, there are a ton of good suggestions above. I go through these periods too and I try my best to just do things I really enjoy. Sometimes a good cuddle with my dog helps too. Something awesome that really gets me going is looking at Ellen's dance dare challenge videos on YouTube. Google it. I recently starting doing this at work and my co-workers and I are having a blast.
Apr 24, 2012 @ 06:24 pm

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