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Out With The Old In With The New


Just wondering what all you chicks think about technology? Cell phones In general? Are they ruining society? Are they running our relationships?
Apr 05, 2016 @ 05:57 am

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too much of a good thing.

We leave ours alone during dinner - no one answers anything. I think people are beginning to forget basic manners and burying their heads in the phones.
Apr 05, 2016 @ 06:03 am


I have a love/hate relationship with my phone. I love that it keeps me connected with people (family, friends, my sons father), but at the same time.. I spend way too much time on it (and I recognize that I do). I think (for me at least) that I (being on maternity leave) I don't socialize much anymore, nor do I get out much anymore. My job (technical support) forced me to be social everyday, and we weren't allowed to use personal devices at work so, I would have a 9 hour day without my phone..

Technology when moderated is a great thing.. But when you overuse it you tend to not pay attention to the people around you, and all the beauty that there is in reality I would say. I don't know lol rambling at this point!! :p
Apr 05, 2016 @ 06:10 am


It is honestly scary the way it seems to have taken over some peoples lives and the minutes lost with a friend or loved one because you are too busy staring at your device.. Sad really.. When we go out to eat it amazes me the amout of people that are looking at their phones instead of the person they are with...
Apr 05, 2016 @ 10:15 am

zombie apocalypse

I agree with sjm79. It takes people over and they think it appropriate to answer anywhere - disconnecting from the people they are with and the current moment. I love looking at the phone-zombies in restaurants etc. I often wonder who's running who - the phone running the person or vice versa. Ever noticed how people get antsy if you don't pick up or respond to a missed call in a few minutes? Seriously - most things are not emergencies or brain surgery - so they can wait while I stay engaged in the moments of my life. I won't be able to get them back!
Apr 05, 2016 @ 10:29 am


We can never get moments back.. Just imagine everything that has been missed by looking at your phone...
Apr 05, 2016 @ 10:36 am


Is this all about obsessive-level fomo? Fear of missing the most recent text or call or social media update?

I'm a super private person - I don't even link accounts to one another - and love the feeling of being disconnected. When we're on vacation, I don't take the laptop or phone. Before cell phones were everywhere I went to Africa for 6 months and was disconnected from the world (no phones or newspapers) entirely. You engage with time and your life differently. It's not for everyone - but it was perspective-altering for me.
Apr 05, 2016 @ 10:45 am

old and new

This will sound weird I know but when my son bought me a cell it was always going dead and having dropped calls.I find it easier and cheaper now just to have a land line.I only have to pay $113.00 a month for my phone and internet combined wheras I paid a small fortune for my cell. I gave it to one of the grandkids.
Apr 05, 2016 @ 11:41 am

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