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Parcels Canada Post - Missing?


Hi Chicks,

I'm a bit frustrated and not sure on how to handle a missing parcel with Canada Post. 

So, I have a beauty box ordered and received an email with tracking number saying it shipped. Then a few days later, I received an email from Canada Post and it says delivered. I live in a townhouse complex so the description says delivered in my mailbox! 

I was home all day that day and nothing in my box. It's been a few days and still no box. I tried tracking and it says delivered in my mailbox. 

I tried online help and it says to give it 24 hours but it's been almost a week and still no box. Canada Post says to contact the sender to deal with it?

Has any of you ladies have this happened before? If so, how did you handle it and how did it work out? I really want my box and is excited to get be getting it and now it's missing? So frustrated. :(
Oct 04, 2016 @ 02:03 pm

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I had this happen a couple of times in the past, I would contact Canada post to find out that it just wasn't delivered yet, although the tracking said it was delivered. It would usually show up the next day, I've always figured that if the parcel was excepted by Canada post from the seller that it would be Canada posts problem if it didn't show up, I guess not. Have you contatced the seller? Maybe they can help you or even address Canada post for you.
Oct 04, 2016 @ 02:30 pm


I would definitely contact Canada post. There was probably a mistake on their part like the forgetting to leave a key in your mailbox to get the box from one of their boxes. It happened to me and they left the key in my mailbox to open one of those bigger boxes. I'm using a community mailbox by the way.
and I agree with Laura2423, sometimes they say on the tracking that it's delivered but it's still in the postal facility and will deliver the next day.
Oct 04, 2016 @ 02:42 pm

Thanks ladies

I did wait a few business days after the email to track again and it still says parcel left in mailbox. The sender pacifically said 'no safe drop' so they couldn't have left it on my doorstep.

I ended up contacted the seller to contact Canada Post. I hope they are able to sort it out. :)
Oct 04, 2016 @ 03:32 pm


I've had a few packages never arrive, and always had the company who shipped it contact the post agent. Also it's good if you paid with a credit card b/c I once ordered a wedding gift and she moved (without telling me) during the shipping and the new tenant signed and kept the gift. The credit card ended up refunding the money.
Oct 04, 2016 @ 03:40 pm


I can't believe how people can just keep something that is not theirs? If something lands in my mailbox by accident, I always return it to the postal depot near me. If it's a letter, I just write return back to sender and put it back in my mailbox. (our mail deliver person is pretty good at picking those up the next day)

I'm glad your credit card company refunded you. :)
Oct 04, 2016 @ 05:15 pm


Here's a word and am sorry to say "theft" It does happen because everyone in the world is not that honest etc.
Oct 05, 2016 @ 01:56 am

Need a tracking number

all packages that aren't letter mail or mail that fits in your mail slot in your door or your mail slot in your PO Box will have a card you take to the front desk at your local Canada post location to pick up your parcel. You need your ID as in drivers licence.

Call Beauty Box or email them again. I googled Beauty Box and clicked on Support, they don't even give you a 1 800 number to call. Only to get support via email. That seems strange. Anyway, click on support and then go to missing/damaged parcel section and email. I would keep emailing and checking daily. Try doing some major googling for the phone number or call 411 Hope it all works out
Oct 05, 2016 @ 11:44 am

Thanks ladies

I emailed the sender and they have filed a report with Canada Post for missing parcel and should take 8-10 business days for them to investigate. They will send me a replacement if they figure out that the box is missing. If they are out of stock then I will get a refund.

It's just so frustrating, I was looking forward to that box, I don't want a refund, I want the box. LOL I guess getting a refund is better than nothing. :)
Oct 05, 2016 @ 03:57 pm


Just an update ladies, there are nice and honest people out there! The box was put in someone else's mailbox by accident, someone in my complex. The lady rang my doorbell in the evening today to return it to me. She was out of town so she didn't check her mail until today.

Not to mentioned the sender (Topbox) has very good customer service. They dealt with it right away. I sent them an email to cancel because I got the box. :)
Oct 06, 2016 @ 03:16 am


Thats so nice, I'm glad you got your package. Thank goodness it ended up in an honest persons mailbox.
Oct 06, 2016 @ 08:39 am

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