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Porter Airlines


Have any of you Chicks ever flown Porter Airlines? What did you think about the experience? What the Toronto City Centre Airport like? Of those who did fly Porter, has anyone flown Toronto - Newark? I'm flying tomorrow, so I am curious to know what people's experiences have been!
Dec 10, 2009 @ 02:01 pm

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Miss K

Been there - loved that!

I absolutely LOVED flying with Porter and I strongly detest flying!

I actually flew the same route to Newark :) The airport here is so great, quiet, fun, nice friendly approachable staff. After check in, security (no lineup!) you're in the clear to sit down in the waiting lounge. If you have time to spare, I recommend you leave an extra 15-20 minutes to relax there. Kitchen filled with juices, water, coffee, teas (the kind they serve at starbucks!) plenty of tasty, healthy snacks. There are almond snacks (I believe) so beware if you're allergic!
There are iMac computers for your use, free of charge, internet and all so you can catch up on any last minute email, ChickAdvisor, etc.

Then boarding the plane takes a minute and you're sitting in a spacious leather seat with plenty of leg room. I flew in the morning so breakfast was served very soon after take off. Comes in a cute little box, delicious organic yogurt with some granola to add, great coffee (for an airplane) and some fruit. (I think there's a more substantial breakfast option with eggs, etc as well)

On my way back from Newark, you go through all the procedures as you would going on any other airline. I was supposed to fly back around 6pm but got dropped off at the airport much earlier, around 1pm so they were able to get me on an earlier flight with no problems.

Overall 10/10 experience!

Have a safe and enjoyable trip!
Dec 10, 2009 @ 10:06 pm

amazing trip!

I've flown the exact same trip and only have great things to say about Porter. Everyone is very friendly and efficient. It's amazing so quickly they get everyone checked through. I was even VERY late one time and they still let me on with very little trouble. Amazing! They serve alcoholic beverages on the plane too! Along with a small meal. I'd highly recommend flying Porter to anyone!
Dec 11, 2009 @ 07:44 pm

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