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Product Review Club Guidelines

Ali de Bold

Hi everyone, as we are getting more and more great products coming in the door I thought we should post a set of guidelines for the reviews so it is as fair as possible. So far you guys are doing great, but since we've never posted any official guidelines we figured this would be a good time to start:

1. We want YOUR opinion. It's great if your friends, boyfriends, kids, etc like it too, but it is most important to know what YOU think as ChickAdvisor is for you and other women like you.

2. Keep it in context. You should always consider the price and brand that you are reviewing. For example, a drug store variety shampoo that retails for $3 probably shouldn't be compared to a high end Salon brand that retails for $25 because for that price you are paying for much more expensive ingredients that would never be possible in a $3 bottle of shampoo.

3. Don't put your name forward to review something if you yourself will not be trying it. Kind of defeats the purpose, yes?

4. If you don't review what we send you, we won't send any more products your way.

There are costs involved with sending you these products including: Promotion of the items, the cost of each product, shipping of the product, etc. In addition to the costs, there is never enough product for everyone so it is really important that if you have been selected, you review it.

5. You decide which products you want to review. As items come in, we'll tell you about them and then you let us know if you want to review it. Please tell us of any allergies or sensitivities you may have when responding to an offer. Our goal is to match the most appropriate reviewer up with each item.

Most importantly, have fun! The Product Review Club is a great way to try something new risk free since you don't have to pay for it. We do our best to vet the products so you will (hopefully) enjoy them. :)

If you have any q's or to sign up as a member of the Product Review Club please send us an email to info@chickadvisor.com.

To sign up, we will need:

1. Your member name
2. Your real first and last name
3. Your age
4. Your mailing address

There is no charge to be a member of the Product Review Club.
Mar 03, 2008 @ 03:52 pm

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