Question? re: Contests and Prizes For The Week of August 20-26


I am a bit confused about the contests here, and want to ask chickadvisor this question?

Regarding: Contests and Prizes For The Week of August 20-26
Garnier Skin Renew: Dark Spot Overnight Peel (C$19.99)
Gene Youth: Youth Generating Night Care (C$38.95)

How did icymichelle2010 win this prize, when she never made a comment. I
understood in order to win the contests you have to make a comment on
the contest page. There are 32 comments in total for this contest and I
don't see iceymichelle2010
comment anywhere.

Yet she announces in the comment section that she had
won and received her prize September 13th, 2012? I also checked out her
profile and she didn't even make her first post to chickadvisor until
August 31st, 2012. So could you please explain how she won a contest
that was posted for August 20 to 26. It just seems very funny to me, how
she is a winner when she was not even on chickadvisor during the time
frame of the contest. I just want to know, how are the contest winners
chosen. Does a chick need to comment to win, or are you making random

Her post from the contest page verifying her win below.

on Sep 13, 2012 

YAY!!! I won the Garnier Skin Reniew Product!!! Just got it in the mail today!!! :) Cant wait to try it out!

This is a link to the contest page I am talking about,just click on icymichelle2010 link to here profile, it clearly shows on this chicks profile she never posted anything to chickadvisor until August31sr, 2012.

This whole contest concept here has me confused, am I missing something ?
Sep 17, 2012 @ 05:32 pm

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Forgot to mention this was the contest I am referring to:

Contests and Prizes For The Week of August 20-26
Garnier Skin Renew: Dark Spot Overnight Peel (C$19.99)
Gene Youth: Youth Generating Night Care (C$38.95)

These sweet prizes can be won by entering our two weekly contests:

Yay or Nay: This
week, we may have been a little harsh of Ms. Jessica Biel's feathery
outfit. Let us know what you think of her ensemble to win!

Review of the Week: Review your fave (or not so fave) mascara and you could win!

She did not post to either contest page, I checked. How could she as she was not on chickadvisor until August 31st, 2012 and she only had one entry for August and the rest of her posts are all for September 13, 2012. what is going on here at chickadvisor ?
Sep 17, 2012 @ 08:16 pm

Review of Week, Weekly Contests and Contesting Page


I think you are confusing the weekly contests with the contesting page. The contesting page just lets you know which contests and which prizes are up that week. To enter the contests, like the page says, you need to follow the links and enter there.

IceyMichelle2010 won the Review of the Week contest for that week meaning she reviewed a mascara and her review was chosen. If a review was done anonymously, you would not see it on a profile page however we still have access to that information. I hope this clears up some confusion.

Sep 17, 2012 @ 08:24 pm

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