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when does sample source usually come out for the summer? 
May 21, 2017 @ 08:41 pm

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I received a spring box not too long ago. I'd guess maybe in later June they might have another offering?
May 21, 2017 @ 08:47 pm


Hmm. For some reason I thought Samplesource was only in spring & fall? Sorry I'm no help.
May 21, 2017 @ 10:39 pm


you might be right!
May 22, 2017 @ 07:40 am


Yup. Spring and Fall only
May 22, 2017 @ 08:01 am


No it says spring summer and fall there is none in the winter
May 22, 2017 @ 10:59 am


What is Sample Source ?
May 22, 2017 @ 11:02 am


sample source is a sample program that sends you samples based on your profile you have to be quick when a offer comes up because they only pick the people who got the offer and the number of samples based on what they have may be less
May 22, 2017 @ 11:10 am


Just a heads up, this thread will probably be deleted tomorrow because chickadvisor usually removes threads that talk about other similar companies.
May 22, 2017 @ 11:15 am


NEW FORUM POLICY RE OTHER SITES: When we see members discussing offers from other companies, it's hard to tell when a competitor is posting about their service vs. a legit discussion by our members. As these threads are in conflict with our business they will be deleted if spotted by our admins. To avoid this, please don't post about the other product reviewing opportunities you have gotten from our competitors. Thanks for understanding.

May 22, 2017 @ 11:16 am


i didn``t know thanks
May 22, 2017 @ 11:34 am

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