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So Mean


I'm going to tread softly here, but don't some of you girls feel a little angry at that comment in bold letters suggesting that some of us are dishonest? Most of you might say no, and that's fine. I think it's getting a little heated under that particular topic though.I didn't think a comment that was hurtful or mean to others was allowed within the CA rules. It firmly states we should respectr and be kind. That does not mean one should be putting down others as dishonest. Some of us might even uspect dishonesty but to put it in capital letters out there is another thing.
Jul 04, 2016 @ 02:53 am

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I wasn't thinking when i posted this. I don't want to come across as antagonistic,or going against CA rules, so ignore the previous comment.
Jul 04, 2016 @ 03:09 am

Thank you

Thanks Irememberu, I stated it clearly as a reply on the "anonymous" post that it is offensive to be calling us dishonest in bold letters. It's like screaming at everyone that they are dishonest because for whatever reason some of us forgot to state we got the item for free. Yes, I agree, if you receive a free product it should be noted but putting a warning out there for people not to read reviews on Chickadvisor because the people are dishonest in bold letters is just taking it to a whole new level. It's just a form of attack because the OP knows we all CARE here on CA.

It really just rubs me the wrong way. I mean if it was such a problem she could have just emailed admin and point out the reviews under question. Going out there in the community forum and posted that in bold, for anyone who googles ChickAdvisor to see that type of comment is just pure bullying! Especially if she is not certain if those reviewers have gotten the stuff for free or not.

The past years I've studied and learnt a lot on the subject of bullying. I just will not tolerate and felt I had to voice that to the OP of that posts. It is so inappropriate and yes, very mean.
Jul 04, 2016 @ 03:09 am

Be above it..

See - when I first saw the post by @fuggno (aka "Anonymous" ... ps - why post as anonymous when you boldly tell everyone that another post, which you posted under your actual user name was written by you as well? ha - FUG No's I guess lol) -
Anyways - at first, I thought she was just complaining about the people who seem to forget all the time. So, I offered words of advice to that affect. Now that I've read it again a few more times - and now that it has snowballed into this post created... I really do need to voice how it makes me feel to read her post.. especially that last sentence. I agree, jujusamples - that was absolutely bullying and out and out slanderous.

Now, I've been blessed enough to win three campaigns since joining ChickAdvisor Review Club. The first was the Dove trial. It took me a full day for each bottle of hair stuff to take notes just from what I saw from coming out of the box, then to take and upload pictures, then to quickly ask you lovely ladies for help with how to structure my very first review, then to test the product, then to write more notes of my thoughts on the product itself. Then to write my rough draft review, edit that and finally publish one review for one single product.

There were 5 in the bundle. It took me over a week to complete that mission. With each campaign - after all the work was done and the review was published- I was proud of myself - being active here is literally the best I've felt in a few years...since the tragedy and the health issues...and the terrible whatnot...

I am now here, disabled, with thoughts of serious medical issues swirling about my head just about every friggin second of the day - this site has been my comfort. I smile here. I laugh here. I learn here. I feel alive here. We need to focus more on the good about this site - and overcome her bad vibes.

When I read that post now - especially that last sentence... I nearly cry. Not just for me - but for the hard work I KNOW so many Chicks out there do to develop their reviews. Shoot, I'm getting emotional about it again right now. We are such a great team of like-minded Chicks who truly do care about what we are doing here. We love boosting each other up, motivating each other to keep at it, even through our personal lives offline.
I haven't been here long - but I know we all are passionate about this and we work hard and the Staff work triple as hard to make sure we are always having a great time. That we are honest and respectful with one another, and that we follow the simple guidelines to promote peace and integrity.

For that one person to cut us all - and the company down like that... truly does hurt. I really hope we haven't lost any Chick's or Followers or Campaigns because of that awful post.
In a way, I am sort of surprised the thread is still live...maybe it'll come down now that the long weekend is over... You are both right, it does go against what this site was created for. It goes against the rules of conduct. It goes against our community here at ChickAdvisor.

To put this behind us - I really think we need to come together and all work harder to show how awesome we truly are to each other and to the ChickAdvisor brand itself. We need to get that post off our community page - either by request to staff or by creating so many new happy and upbeat posts and ignoring that one from now forward so that it gets hidden away from fresh eyes.
I suppose we should probably also bury this one too...if we really want the good vibes to flow again...

That's it! I'm going to start a peaceful post train! All aboard! :)
Jul 04, 2016 @ 04:13 am


Very well written and I agree with what you said. Sorry about your health problem and I'm glad you smile here and are happy. Please stay that way and know that I for one wish you the very best and a lot of these girls do also. Stay happy in the East dear.
Jul 04, 2016 @ 04:29 am

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