Still There, But Not The Same.


Just thought I'd take the time to mention this, as noone has as of yet...I know we can't get points for forum comments, and that's ok. It's just that I loved commenting or starting a new topic; too bad the games were introduced I guess. I can't see the point for myself to comment anymore for zero points, but i will still read them. My intention is definitely not to complain, just that it's not the same anymore. Also, to be sure for the chick staff, I do not mean any disrespect whatsoever. I know you have a job to do and must abide the rules etc. for a smoother run site.I do respect that.
Jun 02, 2016 @ 11:36 pm

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I love to comment and interact on this forum as well. I'm not that big on the points because at the end of the day, it's just points.

The only difference is; I noticed there are less topics started and comments ever since the points were removed. I guess that is where I agree with you the extent that it doesn't feel the same anymore. :( I just hope the forum somehow picks itself back up again. :)
Jun 03, 2016 @ 03:35 am


I agree DG. I mentioned that in the original post. It doesn't seem quite the same anymore. I liked that there were incentives to chick chat - and it helped newer girls become more interactive. There's the same core group of us who are still on the forum but it seems because of some silly complaining about responding to one's own post first to get a measly 9 points, and like two games, for 4 little points were really making that much of a difference? I couldn't care less. I just like the awesome chick chat we have here. It's what makes Chick Advisor different from all the other sites - we come together and really talk here. About serious and silly stuff and it was wonderful. Now I notice a big negative difference already and that sucks. I mean, the same 10-15 of us can't keep the forum going on our own for long. The whole point is to be interactive, make these lovely friendships and get to know each other. I think the points need to come back. Cancel the games and give the original posters the ability to EDIT their posts that way there's no reason to immediately comment on your own post of there's something you want to add or clarify. It's so incredibly silly and got blown way out of proportion due to a few complainers. I don't want to see Chick Chat die. And you, as one of us frequent posters now feel like you don't even want to participate and that's sad :(
I don't like this change and I think admins need to re-evaluate before it's totally dead.
Jun 03, 2016 @ 03:39 am


Hopefully, this is just a test to see how it works out. It''s clearly not working out because I haven't seen much comments or new topics ever since the points were taken out.

I hope maybe the points could go back up, but with some rules and a bit of change, like;
edit and no games? That could solve some of the problem of the complaints that were made about people playing games and commenting on their own topics to get points. Just a thought, I'm not complaining and just saying.

I'm just really sad to see the Chick Chat so quiet :( DG you are one of the main Chicks that comments and interact all the time, I would be so sad to not see you comment anymore. :(
Jun 03, 2016 @ 04:11 am


I don't mind the points being gone for the forum, but it does mean I get less time to spend here as before I could consider it part of my 'work' towards earning gift cards or product testing, now I consider it 'leisure' so when I don't have time I don't put the effort in :(

About commenting on your own topics: Is this really a complaint. I mean I'm the kind of person who clicks send and then realises I should have added something. Or no one comments so I do to bump it...
Jun 03, 2016 @ 06:04 am


I definitely noticed a trend in Chick chat, not many people are replying on forums anymore, some of the newer threads even have 0 replies or as little as 5 (something like that)

I don't mind points being there or not but it has affected the amount of participation on the forums. Yeah, some people complained about people commenting on their own posts first but I think that issue could be resolved by including an edit option for the thread. I sometimes forget to add something to a post.

I am not going to lie, points on the forum were an added incentive to participating and meeting new chicks but it has gotten a lot more quieter since they have been removed.
Jun 03, 2016 @ 11:38 am

I totally agree

I've been posting and replying to try to get things going but a handful of people can't keep it up by ourselves.
***Admins - please consider adding points back by making two simple changes:
1) add an edit function for the original poster
2) do not allow games
I, as well as the chicks above, are concerned that our Chick Chat forum is going to become a dead zone.
Please please please reconsider this change - we want to enjoy our Chick Chat with the original incentives. We want Chick Chat to thrive like it did before.
Chick Advisor is different from all other sites. Why? Because we have the Chick Chat forum. This is what makes your site different and BETTER and more interactive and FUN than all other similar sites. This is the one thing that sets you apart and places you #1. We have the BEST women on this site. Our lovely ladies have made friendships and have bonded over the forum. We support each other and talk about everything. It's our own little place to come together and relate, debate, talk shop, chatter and discuss serious issues.
Points were incentives you gave us to get this forum to where it is today. I, for one, am really sad to see all this hard work crumble and fall over a handful of complaints. You still have time to reverse this change and keep our forum and chicks happy. Please reconsider.
Jun 03, 2016 @ 12:06 pm


i have mixed feelings about the new rules. As I never really tried to be a top chick, points were not a big part of the equation for me. I have also noticed that while quantity is down in the chat, quality has improved. There were a lot of comments that were just really a waste of time, quick points, so to speak. That being said, it is sad that because of a few people, many are posting less interesting subjects. I read a lot, and didn't really comment unless I had something beneficial to add, but have really noticed a decrease in topics to enjoy. I guess I'm going to be an armchair admin, I think the edit feature is a great idea, and maybe for those who really enjoyed the games, and not the points from them, a section for games where there are no points. I have been here since the very beginning and review whenever I can, but I guess for those who points are important , items to review will run out. I always found it unbelievable how many points some ladies accumulated. I have also thought that rather than reward quantity alone, perhaps there could be a draw giving everyone an equal chance at GC! Which would decrease the "pointless points". Maybe every point gets you a chance for one of the cards, so the motivation would still be there but wouldn't be the only factor.
Jun 03, 2016 @ 12:19 pm

Petition signature

I'm signing this petition of sorts. Please bring back the points with the couple rules that the Chicks above have suggested.

What got me to the forums was the points - like @wonderwhatif, I saw it as part of my work. Now that I'm not getting "paid" it has nearly fallen off my radar.
Jun 03, 2016 @ 12:33 pm

Note to Admins

I have sent a note to Admins with some of our concerns and have copied the link to this post. Thanks ladies for adding your own comments. I hope others will chime in too.
There's got to be a way to incorporate both viewpoints to reach a happy medium. I have said from the very first complaint about being the first to respond on your own post: give us the option to edit the original post to add or clarify something. Seems so incredibly easy, but maybe there are system requirements that make this not an option. I don't know. I just don't want to lose this part of Chick Advisor - this is the one thing that makes Chick Advisor #1 out of all the other sites. This real sense of community that is non existant in all other similar sites. We get to know each other and we TRUST each others opinions.
There's such a difference in knowing the people who are posting reviews. Sure there are some who just want to get all the points and are obsessed with "winning" or being "first" but I would say the majority of us see the value in the forums and recognize there should be some kind of incentive to keep it going. I think what existed was perfect in terms of awarding points. The forum is a fantastic part of CA. Imo, it won't be the same without it.
Anyway, I feel I have talked the subject to death so I'm going to remain silent on the subject from this point forward and let others have their opinions heard.
Jun 03, 2016 @ 12:54 pm


I really like that ChickAdvisor has the forum option.. Other sites like BzzAgent and Influenster don't so, it definitely sets it a part from the rest :) I have noticed that a lot of people aren't as active on the forums now which is honestly a bummer because I enjoyed talking to you ladies. I don't know. I don't personally care about being awarded points and what not for the forum but it is definitely not like it used to be.
Jun 03, 2016 @ 09:11 pm

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