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Submitting negative reviews!


When I recieve a product for testing and reviewing my biggest fear is I won't like it! I honestly don't like doing negative reviews but I know I must in order to be an honest reviewer! I always try to explain why it didn't work for me. My goal is not to deter people from buying it, so I just explain as detailed as I can about what it was that didn't work for me. Can you give me and others suggestions on how to not crush a product we didn't like while reviewing it??? 
Sep 23, 2016 @ 12:18 pm

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I understand what you mean. I have on occasion tried products that I really didn't like, but as long as you explain why you didn't like them, it can be very helpful.

Scent is a great example...I love it. Sometimes people dislike a product because it is heavily scented. When I read the review it will generally say xxx was effective, but too powerful for my nose. So this would not be a deterrent for me. But it's great info, as I work Ina scent free environment, I need to know, for instance if the deodorant being tried will let off a scent on motion.

Then there are products which simply don't work...if that is the case, I explain how I tried, how many times, etc... Like a laundry detergent I once reviewed...it did nothing for my clothes, they came out dingy, less than fresh. I tried 3 loads, in different water temperature. I also suggested that it may be the water in my building, because other chicks had better experiences .

As long as you are honest, and try to be as detailed as possible , it is great information.
Sep 23, 2016 @ 01:00 pm


I think that as long as you explain why the product didn't work for you, the review is helpful. I enjoy reading both positive and negative reviews. When I know why someone didn't like a product I can make a decision whether it's right for me or not. I don't have any other suggestion since you already mentioned that you try to be as detailed as possible. I believe you are doing the best you can to help your fellow chicks. Thank you for being honest!
Sep 23, 2016 @ 01:13 pm

Just be honest

You could just be honest! I wouldn't say, 'the product sucks' but I would say something along the lines of...

"the wipes has a good scent, leaves my face feeling soft and hydrated, but it didn't do the job of removing all my makeup".

At least that way, the person reading the review will see the positives and negatives of the product.
Sep 23, 2016 @ 01:18 pm


If it's a product I dislike, I write a detailed explanation as to why I didn't like it. But since everyone is different, what works for someone, might not be right for you, vice versa. If I have a clear understanding/idea of the product I'm reviewing, I normally add that the product may work for someone who has, for example, thick hair, whereas I have fine hair.
Sep 23, 2016 @ 01:59 pm


Thanks ladies I feel better now! Like everything in life there is always a positive. Thanks for the great advice, it's much appreciated!
Sep 23, 2016 @ 08:13 pm


I would feel weird submitting a more negative review in the past but the more reviews I wrote it just got easier because we are supposed to be honest to our experience with the product. I totally agree, just make sure the review is really detailed as to why it didn't work for you and others may possibly have a different experience with that product.
Sep 24, 2016 @ 09:48 am


Its way better to give a detailed bad review then to hype up a product just because you got it for free! I'm sure we all use these reviews to help us buy, so when you see all 5 star reviews and they all have disclaimers that they got it free, it can make you skeptical. But sometimes the product just is that good!

The best thing is to describe how you used it and what results you saw and then determine if it met your expectations or not! Everyone likes different things!
Sep 24, 2016 @ 12:46 pm

Honesty is the Best Policy

It does suck to give bad or negative reviews, however, honesty is the best policy. I usually state in my negative review the exact reasons why I don't like it and that it is always personal preference and opinion.

Like sometimes I give the quality 5 stars but the other 2 options 0 stars... I state why in my review.
Sep 24, 2016 @ 01:33 pm


I'm a pretty blunt person, so if I honestly think a product is terrible, I'm going to say so, but I'm going to go into detail as to why I feel so strongly. I won't just say, "This sucks, and I'll never use it again."

At the end of the day, everything on here is completely subjective. Nobody has to agree with what I say. I'm just offering up one perspective of many.
Sep 24, 2016 @ 05:11 pm


I am tactful when I don't like something about a product.

I think of the type of people who the product may benefit, and why it didn't work for me.

Sep 26, 2016 @ 08:50 am

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