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on Aug 02, 2016 @ 12:06 pm

So,how is everyone doing?Did any of you Chicks go anywhere  exciting for your Summer Holidays? I haven't gone anywhere yet but,there is a place here on the Island called Northern Bay Sands and I want to book a Cabin there and stay for a few days with my Husband.It is a Beautiful place,I was there once before and they have miles and miles of white sand that even stretches so far out in the Ocean.I'm going to be sooky until I get there supposing if I have to take my two cats with me.I won't leave them with anyone because they would be too scared.So.that's the dialema I'm facing.

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summer weather on Aug 02, 2016 @ 06:29 pm

The heat is unbareable and it seems every second day it pours down with rain. Lucky today, nice and sunny but rain will most likely follow tonight probably with a power outage again which happens so much here.

. on Aug 03, 2016 @ 11:04 am

Early Summer I did a couple of days in Ottawa, which was nice, but it's far too hot for me!

I'd definitely love to take a little seaside vacation as I love the sea breeze.

Make sure to enjoy yourself, it sounds beautiful. Hope you find a solution for the kitties!

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