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Just wanting to see what anyone that has a tablet thinks of it. Im wanting one to be able to do general note taking during classes that i can hook up to my computer when i get back home. Any opinions would be great.Thanks
Sep 06, 2011 @ 07:38 pm

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I had one and sold it. Not worth shelling out the amount of cash they are going for due to many reasons....

As far as electronics go, they aren't worth buying until they have been on the market at least 4 years, even 5. Tablets of today will be laughable in a few years, or even the next 6 months to a year, not to mention the fact that they are a complete rip off for what you get for their high price tags. They have minimal storage (memory), minimal speed, they are minimally functional compared to what they will be a few years down the road, and their prices are going to drop massively in a relatively short amount of time. Hell, some won't even play Flash movies or graphics as of yet, which is absolutely pathetic seeing as this has been an industry standard for a very long time now.

Even though my husband and I knew this to be the case, he picked one up for me on Craig's List from somebody who wanted to swap for our netbook. Good deal for us seeing as the tablet was worth far more than the netbook in financial terms (we only paid $120 for it), otherwise we never would have done it. As we thought we would be before we got it, we were seriously disappointed. This was a brand new tablet, complete with receipt and 10 months left on the warranty, straight out of Hong Kong (THE best place to get electronics directly from, believe me). Even though this was the case, the touch sensitivity was absolutely pathetic, the thing lagged like a mf, within 3 days I had absolutely filled the pathetic amount of internal memory of the device with apps (unless you root your device you can't install/run apps off external memory cards like micro SDs - providing the device even accepts a micro SD card - and even then it's possible to brick the device if it isn't rooted properly which renders it completely useless, and you have to pay extra to root it if you can even find somebody who can do it properly - thankfully my husband was able to do it himself as he is very experienced with this on all sorts of devices), I couldn't make phone calls from it as is the case with most tablets, it's wifi capabilities were far from what it should have been so it was an absolute b1tch to get connected to the internet without paying Rogers the Robbers a fortune which so badly restricts the use of the device it isn't even funny, couldn't even use Skype from it to makes phone calls (restrictions based on electronic company manipulations within the market), and it ended up being nothing more than a crappy game playing toy. And a bad one at that. My cell phone is more capable than this thing was, seriously. So I ended up setting it aside for my cell phone that I had been using for absolutely everything up to that point, and sold the piece of crap for $300 to yet another person who mistakenly thought that tablets are the latest and greatest thing. Great for us as we made a large profit, not so great for the poor sap who was convinced tablets are the sh*t. Trust me when I say, buying a tablet is going backwards technology-wise if you are looking for maximum functionality. I use my cell phone for business, email from 6 different accounts of personal and business types, as a video and still picture camera and photo editor, scheduling, appointments, document writing and synching, even editing website code on a regular basis and uploading files, as well as playing as many games as I can possibly want and using FB etc. AND a fully functioning GPS unit. And I can install most of my apps needed to do so to my SD card because more and more app developers are writing their apps in order to facilitate exactly that. Guess how much I paid for my phone? $50 on Craig's List, still under warranty with all the original accessories. An Acer Liquid E. I bought it from a foolish person who had bought a tablet to replace it LOL

Honestly, my husband and I both laugh at people buying tablets now when they will be stuck with an obsolete piece of a crap in a few years and tablets on the market shortly in the future will walk all over the ones now. They are nothing but a fad at this point. Your best bet is a very good netbook, which is a fraction of the price even when brand new from the manufacturer, has a proper hard drive, proper RAM, USB ports out the ying yang, and which is far FAR more functional and CHEAP when compared to a tablet of any kind nowadays. Or better yet, buy one from another foolish person on Craig's List who is chomping at the bit to buy a tablet for themselves in a hurry. You can spend half or less than half the amount and get a great netbook if you're looking for something small, light and portable, which will far exceed anything today's tablets are capable of. And I say this as somebody who is very experienced with computers/electronics and uses their cell phone, computer, laptop, netbook, etc on a daily basis for everything from work to international travel to socializing all over the world. I'd seriously die a slow death with a tablet and wind up losing the clients I have. I might consider picking one up 2 or 3 years from now, but as with all new electronics which enter the market, they simply are not worth the expense or the headache at the moment.

Then again, if you're looking for nothing but an extremely expensive video game dud which doesn't even have the sensitivity of a good touch screen cell phone, you might like a tablet. But I can guaantee you, you'll be sorry as the prices take a nose dive very quickly and they get far better than they are now.
Sep 06, 2011 @ 11:32 pm


I don't have a tablet, I have friends who have ipads though. I've played around with them and they are super fun and to be honest- I am kind of jealous. However, for the amount of money that you are going to be shelling out..... eeek. I don't know! I am also not a huge fan of touch screens so tablets aren't really my thing

I do have a netbook- it's new, I just purchased it and I'm really liking it so far! It is very light so if you are looking for something super easy to carry around with you for school- I recommend one.

Sep 07, 2011 @ 10:32 pm

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