Things to do in Winnipeg?

on Jul 29, 2009 @ 07:33 pm

I'm going to a wedding in Winnipeg in September. I noticed in some of the discussions that there are a few Winnipeggers (Winnipeg-ites? Winnies?...) on Chickadvisors! So I thought I'd look for some advice about what I can do when I'm out there! I have to pay for the flight out and I've never been to Winnipeg, so I want to make the best of it!

My potential date (possibly boyfriend... it's complicated... may require a new thread in the "relationships" section) is not convinced about making the trek out there for the wedding of someone he doesn't even know (it's my college friend getting married). So if I could come up with some fun Winnipeg things to do while we are there it might persuade him to be more enthusiastic about it and actually commit to coming with me! :)

I have been looking at places to stay. I think the Fairmont looks nice. The wedding is at the Winnipeg Art Gallery (do they call it "The WAG"?). Does anyone have any suggestions for reasonably priced accommodations not too far from the "WAG"?

Any suggestions on great restaurants, shops, attractions, events... anything!!!??

Thank you, in advance, ladies!

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Proud Pegger on Jul 29, 2009 @ 09:16 pm

You will love the wedding at the WAG! Great venue!

Good area hotels: The Fairmont, The Fort Garry, the Inn at the Forks, and the Hampton Suites (the most generic of the batch). Place Louis Riel is good too, and there are the usual Marriotts and Deltas in the area as well.

Attractions: Definitely check out "The Forks" - there is a great market, shops, spa, open air concerts... also a beautiful and romantic (wink wink) riverwalk that extends along the river and is very scenic. You can get to St. Boniface (the french neighborhood) from there which is also quite nice, if a little more "mom & pop" kind of feel.

Nearby, the Winnipeg Goldeyes (minor league baseball), the Manitoba Legislature, and a host of theatre companies - MTC (best), PTE, and others. Your concierge will know what's playing. There is also a ballet company, museums, opera company, symphony and more. I'm not sure, but the Manitoba Moose (minor league hockey, and pretty good team) may already be playing in Sept.

That's just in the neighborhood. There is also great shopping and restaurants in the Corydon area, Osborne Village and Academy Road. Assiniboine Park is wonderful for leaf-changing scenic walks, the cafe (can't remember the name just now), roller blading trails, and sculpture garden. Neighborhoods like Scotia, Kildonan Drive, and Wolseley are local Sunday stroll favorites along the river, and Wellington Crescent which runs into Assiniboine park is home to some of the area's largest and historical mansions. These are all relatively cheap cab rides away from the downtown core, or you can use the fairly reliable public transit system.

I could go on and on. Perhaps if you mentioned what, specifically, you'd like to check out and we Winnipeggers can point you in the right direction? Outside of the city are a few charming little towns that have attractions of their own, so depending on what you're up for....

Have a great time! Winnipeg in September is really fantastic - few mosquitoes, amazing sunsets (maybe you'll even be lucky enough to catch some early Northern Lights!) and the staging of the Canada Geese. Beautiful!

Ali de Bold
Winnipeg on Jul 29, 2009 @ 09:38 pm

Mamaluv made all great suggestions. For hotels, all of the ones she suggested are right downtown and will be the most convenient for seeing the sights. They are also the nicest. If you do stay at the Fort Garry, they say the 9th floor is haunted... It's a small city, so you don't want to stay outside of the action unless you plan on renting a car. Transit is all buses (no subway).

My fave Winnipeg places are The Forks, Assinaboine Park (beautiful to walk around, roller blade or visit the zoo), and Corydon Avenue, which is the little Italy section with lots of cafes and gelato. I also really like the Bridge Drive In for ice cream and a walk in a beautiful neighborhood.

It's very different from Toronto but I think you'll love how friendly everyone is. People are very kind there and always willing to help you out with everything from directions to great restaurants. BTW there are lots of really fantastic restaurants. Most of the best ones are reviewed here on C.A :)

Have a great trip! I'm going to visit in September as well!

Ali de Bold
Forgot to mention on Jul 29, 2009 @ 09:38 pm

We considered having our wedding at the WAG. It's really nice. Will be a great party!

Thank you! on Aug 05, 2009 @ 10:55 am

Thank you so much to the replys! I am in the middle of planning the trip. Looking for deals on flights and hotels. I thing we are going to stay at the Fairmont. The Fort garry looks interesting too! :) If we stayed there I would request a room on the ninth floor! Would be fun!

I've heard about "The Forks" and will check it out... especially since it's romantic!

I would be interested in shopping, sight seeing or seeing a sporting event (he is really into sports).

I am really looking forward to the trip! The WAG looks beautiful!

Thanks again for your input, misschickie and mamaluv!

Ali de Bold
Good deals site on Aug 05, 2009 @ 11:39 am I've booked so many things through them. Great for flights, hotels and car rentals.

The Fairmont is very nice. Excellent choice :)

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