Throat singing

Ali de Bold
on Jun 12, 2008 @ 11:04 pm

Have you guys ever heard of this? It is an Inuit form of singing that is all sorts of crazy throat sounds. I just saw one of the most incredible performances at Luminato called Nunavit. There is a video here:

So cool. I have never seen anything like it.

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Scents Of Peace
Have a cool CD on Jun 18, 2008 @ 01:12 pm

About 15 years ago (can't remember who), an organization put together a multi CD recording of indigenous music. That was one of the things on it ;-)

The idea was to document this (and other) type of art form before it disappeared with so many dying cultures.

So glad you got to experience it !

Huun Huur Tu on Jul 07, 2008 @ 10:07 pm

If you like throat singing, Huun Huur Tu is a great group to check out. They are from Tibet, I think. I saw them a couple years ago and it was one of the most memorable live shows I've ever seen. They also have some CD's out, but nothing beats seeing them (and actually feeling the vibrations of their voices go right through your bones!) Amazing!

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