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What foods do you eat when your sad?


What foods do you like to eat when you are sad?
Feb 17, 2020 @ 07:37 pm

6 Replies


comfort food

I tend to reach for all of the "fast food" and unhealthy options to offset the additional stress of prepping something healthier when I am already stressed out by something. It's called convenience food or comfort food for a reason.
Apr 13, 2021 @ 06:57 am

Sweet foods

If I’m sad or stress out I usally eat something sweet or junk food like ice-cream, Chocolate, Chips, donuts or order whatever I’m craving
Apr 14, 2021 @ 10:16 am

Comfort food

I usually order some junk food in Uber eats whenever I am sad . It may vary from a bagel to pizza or pasta whatever I crave for at that moment .mostly it will South Indian spicy food . It cheers me up a bit
Apr 15, 2021 @ 04:42 pm

c c

Chocolate and chips, but then, I eat them even when not sad.
Apr 16, 2021 @ 06:55 pm

Lipton and Milka chocolate!

I think many people prefer to eat sweets if they are stressed. This is because sugar can help you relax, but it's kind of cheating. I like different products and prefer to use shop food online, it is very comfortable and you can choose any products you want! For example I love green tea lipton and milka chocolate!
Oct 11, 2021 @ 06:11 am

food i eat when sad

fast food restaurants
Oct 12, 2021 @ 08:50 am

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