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Worst customer service experience(s)


What is your worst experience in the land of customer service?

I just came back from a horrendous experience at Winners. I received a pair of pants for Christmas that did not fit, so I took them back. Luckily I had the receipt with me, but the person in charge was extremely rude to me, insisting I had obviously worn the pants. When I explained to him that said pants could not even get over my thighs much less my hips, he then said he doesn't carry that brand at his particular store, and that I should take them back to the store at which they were purchased. I refused. Winners has a policy where you can return items to any location, and I certainly was not purchasing a bus ticket to all the way to Stratford just to return a pair of $19.99 sweat pants. I mean, at Winners things come and go constantly, what they have in stock one week is most likely sold out by the following week, so of course he doesn't have those pants in stock anymore! He was so extremely rude to me, saying that if he gave me a return he would "have to throw them in the garbage, because they look worn". He then proceeded to lecture me. Where has the belief that the customer is always right gone to? I didn't want money back, I wanted store credit to get a pair that fit. He was rude and reluctant, but I was firm. It wasn't the $19.99 that I was worried about, it was the princple of it - no one speaks to me like that and gets away with it. He then sneered to the sales girl (who was very pleasant, I'll give her that), to give the return, but only to the card. Rather than store credit it had to be returned to a visa card. I wonder what would have happened had I only had a Mastercard? Anyway, so now I have a $19.99 credit to my visa rather than a Christmas present. I was so upset I took the $25 gift card the pants came with and stormed out their doors. I will have to go to another store location to spent my gift card, but you can guarantee I will never darken that location's doors again...
Jan 03, 2009 @ 01:10 pm

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Ali de Bold

Wow that's brutal

I am always amazed when business is willing to lose a customer over a few dollars. I worked many retail jobs when I was younger and I think there are two sides to it.

The customer is usually right, but not always. Some people are just ornery and push boundaries, asking for more than they should be reasonably entitled. However MOST people are reasonable and a business should always consider which is worse: losing a customer who will tell 10 friends about their bad experience, or losing a few dollars.

Your situation sounds ridiculous. The person at the cash was probably burnt out from the holidays and being unreasonable. I doubt the rest of the staff at that or any other location would have treated you like that. Sounds like that employee needs a holiday!
Jan 03, 2009 @ 08:12 pm

winners is starting to feel like losers.

I've had some bad experiences too at Winners, and now I'd rather go to the mall to shop.
I agree with misschickie, that employee needs a holiday...indefinitely. At any retail store, regardless whether the customer is wrong or right, there should still be some sort of professionalism and respect towards the customer. Whether or not you wore those pants, if you had the receipt and it was within the return policy, there should have been no questions.
I hope you enjoy whatever you purchase in place of those sweat pants!!!

Jan 03, 2009 @ 10:23 pm

can return your stuff in any Winners

Wow! That guy was awful!! You should've said something to the store manager b/c that guy should not work at customer service. He's obvious extremely rude and he doesn't know the return rules. You are right. Regardless of where you made the purchase, you can return your items in any Winners across Canada as long as the tag is still on it (assuming not worn). My mom bought a whole bunch of stuff from the Winners in Fredericton b/c she thought I'd like them. I decided not to keep any of it, so we took them all back to the Winners in Ottawa. The girl at our Winners didn't even blink when we returned like $150 worth of stuff. My friend also bought my baby a snowsuit but I don't need it, so I returned it. I didn't have a receipt but the price tag was still on. I was able to return that snowsuit, no questions asked.

As for the item credit, if the item was purchased with a credit card, you can have the money put back onto the original credit card OR store credit. My mom used different credit cards for the various purchases and she didn't have all her cards with her. So the girl put the credit back onto her visa and for the rest of the items purchased with the other credit card, she put the money onto a gift card. Once again, there were no hassles, no question asked.

MC is right that customer is usually right. I worked at K-mart cashier for a year in university and I've witnessed some pretty rude and nasty customers. But I'd say 95% of my customers were pretty good. And having slaved a year of my life at a department store, I try really hard to be a good and understand customer. I'm one of those people who always greets the cashier with a smile and always say thank you before leaving.

I had a pretty bad experience with Rogers. But I gotta run b/c my little babe is fussing. I'll write again later!
Jan 04, 2009 @ 06:31 pm


You know the option 'first over-night' with FedEX? Well - it means that your package is guaranteed to show up before 9am the next business day. I had a couple of Fashion Week passes being sent 'first over-night' because the runway shows were starting the next day and I wanted them to show up guaranteed on time. So I waited.......and waited.................was patient................waited some more. 10 a.m rolls along and I decide to call FedEX to ask them where my package was. Turns out the guy had shown up to my building and since no buzz code was provided he just left and reported that the wrong address was provided. First off - there's a directory at the condo that he could have scrolled through to find my name and I would have buzzed him up. So FedEX says it's my responsibility to go all the way to their location to pick them up and refused to send a guy out to deliver it to me. I got sooo mad at this poor guy who was on the phone - but hey, he wasn't being very nice either (snagging my Fashion Week passes). So not only did I pay the premium price for the rush delivery, but I also had to pay for another courier to go pick them up from FedEX and deliver them to my condo. And believe me, this isn't the only time this has happened with FedEX.
Jan 06, 2009 @ 05:40 pm


Winners does have grouchy people. They must treat their staff bad?!
Jan 07, 2009 @ 10:44 pm

Smart Set

I am glad to have found this topic so I can share my bad experience. I have been telling everyone I can about this because I am so furious.

So for my birthday my dad got me a cute argyle cardigan from Smart Set (I love Smart Set and I adore argyle, so I loved the cardigan!) Anyway, the size he got me didn't fit, so I went to the Smart Set in the Eaton Centre to exchange it for a different size. When I got to the cash, the sales girl told me off because the tag was cut (my dad had cut the part with the price off) so I said sorry it was a birthday present. And she said well I can't take it back without the tag. I said I have the tag (well, most of it) and the reciept (not to mention I am holding two identical sweaters in different sizes so OBVIOUSLY its from your store, and its not worn so I don't see the problem...) after some disagreement she finally took the cardigan back. BUT that wasn't the end of it. Turns out the whole store was 25% off when my dad bought it, so in order to exchange it I had to PAY THE DIFFERENCE!!! It ended up being 8 bucks, which is nothing and I was so fed up that I just agreed. But I SO regret that ... I wish I had asked to speak to a manager or made a fuss or something.

Anyway, the point of the story is, Smart Set will never be getting another penny from me, nor from anyone else I know (and now all you guys!) if I can help it.
Jan 10, 2009 @ 10:56 am


I CAN NOT BELIEVE she made you pay the difference for the same sweater. I can't imagine that is their company policy. It sounds like she was an exceptionally grumpy employee. That is horrible. In a case like that I would have demanded to speak to the manager or gone back with the receipt later and shown them what this employee did. Totally unacceptable.
Jan 10, 2009 @ 02:56 pm

bad service at stokes

Wow curlysue10! That's terrible. Technically, if you have the receipt, they cannot make you pay the difference for an exchange on the identical item. Even if it's a gift receipt, as long as you are doing an exchange, they cannot ask you to pay more money.

My bad experience was with Stokes. For our wedding, we received a set of silverware without a gift receipt. I didn't like the set so I wanted to return it. I brought the set to the store and explained my situation. The salesperson immediately said I can't return it without a receipt. But I told her I don't have a receipt and the set is obviously brand new, unused, because every thing was still in its package. It was also obvious that the set came from their store b/c 1) it said "Stokes" on the box and 2) they had an identical set on sale at the time. I explained to her why I don't have a receipt and eventually, she said since I don't have the receipt, I can only return for the value of the same price. I had expected that, so I told her that's fine with me since I would've still gotten $100 back. At this point, I assumed I was going to get a store credit on a gift card. Then, a second employee came over and said I cannot get store credits. If I want to return the item, I have to spend my $100 on the same day!! I asked her what's the difference if I spend it today or later on using a store credit. Stokes still gets to keep the business; actually, they are getting the better end of the bargain since I've lost 25% of my money due to the sale. But this woman bluntly insisted that I either spend my money right then and there, or get out of her store with my silverware.

I was pretty upset because I didn't have time to shop nor did I plan on spending my money on expensive Stokes items I don't need. But I wasn't going to let them get away with it. So my husband and I ran around the store and picked up a few really nice things which were all at least 50% off *snicker* AND we worked out the math so that we only had to pay a difference of around $5. *snicker snicker* HA!! That woman glared at us the entire time, especially when I took out my little calculator and did the math on all the sales to make the most out of my store credit. Basically, if the item wasn't 50% off, we didn't touch it.

In the end, we left the store with tons of awesome stuff, valued over $200!! Heehee! When we went to the cash register, that bitter salesperson repeatedly reminded us how we cannot return any of these things. So I happily reminded her that I don't need to return any of this because I'm getting over $200 worth of lovely times for only $5!! Hahah...she was soooo mad!!
Jan 10, 2009 @ 09:03 pm



I bought a pair of shoes in Winners last saturday, Mar. 14, 2009, and loved it very much, it costed me 49.99 CAD and extra tax, but when I wore it for two days, I found the material of the shoes become a liitle splitted at several parts and the skin of the shoes really like a paper or plastic paper. So I dared not to wear it any more and went to return it this Friday, Mar 20, 2009. But they refused to accepet it because it's good when they sell it, but now it's bad that's because of my fault. But I think whatever, a good pair of shoes shouldnot be dameged in 2 days, and it's so expensive, the original price is 150 CAD. So guys, do you think that's real my fault? I cannot understand this situation in Canada, I am a customer, I donnot want to buy a garbage with big money, and the point is who can resposible for the quantity of the items? Once you were cheated to take a beautiful garbage as a perfect item home, you must pay for anything? Who can give me some suggestion?

Mar 21, 2009 @ 02:35 am

Am I being pranked?

My worst experience happened at Macy's. My husband and I approached the woman at the register to make our purchase. One might think she would greet us with a friendly "hello" or something, but that is not what happened at all. The first words out of the cashier's mouth to me were "Are you all White?" I thought I misheard so I asked her to repeat and she once again said "Are you all white?" The question caught me off guard and I responded "yes." She then proceeded to say "are you sure you aren't Russian? You look Russian." At this point I thought it must be a joke and was wondering if there was a hidden camera. Her manager stood just a few feet away and could obviously her the remarks, yet he said or did nothing. The cashier then directed her attention to my husband and asked him "and what are you? Mexican?" I wasn't sure if I should be offended or if there was just something wrong with this woman. Why did she feel it was any of her business? My husband being the polite man that he is simply responded "No I am not Mexician, I am from Pakistan." The cashier then went into a rant of how she had dated an Indian man and he was so controlling and other negative things and she broke up with him. Then she told me you have to watch these men. (Referring to my husband whom I've been with for 10 years) I got so red in the face and aggravated and was about to speak my mind, but my husband gave me a look like it's not worth it. We took our purchase and couldn't get out of there quick enough.
This was almost a year ago and it still greatly annoys me. Not just that the cashier was so rude, but also that the manager just stood there. Maybe he was as shocked as us.
Mar 22, 2009 @ 01:39 pm

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