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Would you consider this teacher's bullying??


I need to give you a bit of back ground on this before I get into what has happened with this teacher and or teacher's, so please bare with me.

My son goes to a special high school for kids that are having a hard time learning for one reason or another. The school give's them a certificate instead of a regular diploma because they only need 14 credits to graduate, but if they want to try for a regular diploma they can. My son has been trying very hard to get a regular diploma because he wants to go into the Army when he graduate's. He's only four credits away from achieving his goal and has only failed one class since he started at this school four years ago. He's going to graduate this year with a full diploma and he worked very hard to get to this point.

Last week he was sent home with a notice saying they were having their graduation pic's taken on Friday, but he was also sent home with another note saying he was going to be getting an award because of how far he has come since he started at the school and for how hard he has worked. They wouldn't tell him what he was getting, but they did say he was only one of four kids in the school that would be receiving this award.

We were all expecting him to get a certificate that he could frame, or something like this. He was very excited and dressed up so he'd look really nice when they gave him this award. When he came home from school on Friday he had this real long face and I couldn't understand why. So I asked him what they gave him as his award. He couldn't even look me in the face when he told me and he seemed like he was going to cry. He told me they gave him a brownie!! I said what, what do you mean a brownie. He said ya a brownie you know that you eat.

I was stunned when he told me this and I can't understand why any teacher would lead these kids to believe they were getting something special only to hand them a brownie! After he told me they gave him a brownie as his award he went to bed and didn't come out of his room for 18 hours. I was really afraid of what this had done to him, but thank God when he did finally came out of his room he seemed back to his old self again.

I don't know if this was supposed to be some kind of a sick joke, or what it was but I'm extremely up set about this. Teenagers are under enough pressure from other kids judging them. They're mean enough to one another with all the bullying that goes on and they have more than enough to deal with with out having teacher's pull things like this on them. I'm not sure if this all came from one teacher, or if the principle knew about this as well, but I intend to find out. All this did was make my son and the other three kids look like fools to their friend's and feel like fool to their families. Not to mention that it could very well make them all just give up, say forget it, why should we try so hard only to be laughed at. I'm worried what this might do to all of them not just my son.

I'd like to know how you would feel if this happened to your child and if you would also consider this teacher bullying?

Feb 24, 2014 @ 10:20 am

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Ali de Bold

What a terrible idea

I think you should absolutely talk to the principal about this. It would have been so easy for them to whip up a certificate for these kids. A brownie is not an award. I can imagine all of the kids felt stupid receiving that as their recognition. To go to the trouble of sending a notice home to you about it and then do that - it's just weird. To me this just sounds like a nice idea (recognize these kids) but with a terrible, thoughtless execution.
I would follow up on that right away so at a minimum they don't do this to someone else's kids.
Feb 24, 2014 @ 10:43 am

maybe not bullying, but definitely a "d-oh!" moment

I don't know if I'd consider this bullying. Like Ali said, this sounds like they were trying to give a nice treat and just way over-hyped it. At our school we have an honour roll treat every semester and the kids are fully aware that it's a pizza lunch (they do get a certificate too, but the emphasis is on "honour roll lunch"). If they had simply said these kids would get a TREAT as opposed to an AWARD it probably would have conveyed the intention much better. And depending on the situation, a treat would have been more than adequate. One year our principal had a program that the top performing student in each class would have lunch with her in her office. It was just that - lunch. The child brought in his/her lunchbox and they ate together. But it was one-on-one time when the child could have access to the leadership and discuss whatever was on his/her mind and receive some wonderful positive feedback from an authority figure. It was also only ever billed as "lunch with the principal".

So again, nothing wrong with receiving a brownie, but calling it an award definitely would have made me think they'd get a certificate too. You can easily make one on Microsoft Word in about 5 minutes, so it's not about making an enormous effort. Really dumb move on the school's part!
Feb 24, 2014 @ 11:17 am

Bad Move

Ugh, just a bad move on the teacher's fault. I don't know if they meant this intentionally to be mean spirited, but I do think this is just a major misstep. People need to feel like they're being recognized and good work should be rewarded. Maybe speak with the teacher or principal and offer another solution, don't go in there guns blazing but maybe ask if it would be possible to instead give out certificates. Otherwise, make sure your son knows that even if the teacher didn't recognize his work, you do.
Feb 24, 2014 @ 11:18 am

Thank for the feed back ladies.

I'm not sure whose idea this was, but I think they definitely should have handled it more like all of you have said here. My son has come home with some odd stories about how teaches have treated some of the other kids over the years, but some of it was so hard for me to believe that I just thought he was blowing it out of proportion. Since this happened it has really made me think twice about some of the things he has told me. I'm still waiting on a call back from the school, but when I do hear back from them I'll definitely be suggesting they handle things this in a much better way.

Those of you that are mother's know how protective we can be of our babies no matter how old they are and this really ticked me off when he first told me about it. Being able to bounce this off of all of you has really helped me to see it in a different light, although I'm still not happy about the way they handled this. At least now when I do talk to them I'll be able to do it with out losing it on them.

I just hope this was all just a big misunderstanding and not one teacher's sick joke.

Thanks for hearing me out and for all of your suggestions. :)

Feb 24, 2014 @ 04:27 pm

Just an idea-

I agree it stinks he only received a brownie for all of his hard work but atleast it was something! You could always do something yourself for the kids who you believed deserved better. Maybe you could have/or have someone you know design a printable version of an award to give to the students. I know I was one of those kids in school who needed an extra push, I went to an alternative high school and basically had to make bets with my teachers for my own motivation. Anyways, you could set up an event or try to do SOMETHING to better award the hard work if you feel the school didn't do well enough!!

Congrats to him for stepping up and working hard!!
Mar 26, 2014 @ 12:43 am


A note saying a reward means a reward. What a twit of a teacher. Reward indicates a certificate at least. Grrr
Sep 30, 2014 @ 06:58 pm

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