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Anxiety tips


I've suffered from mild-moderate anxiety for years, nothing serious enough for me to consider medication as I've found ways to control it, but I thought I would share some of the things I've learned about it. Maybe it will help someone through a tough time. 

One main thing that I kept repeating to myself whenever I was having an anxiety attack was that it couldn't physically harm me, and that it would eventually 'run out of gas'. 

My anxiety attacks always happen at night, I have never had it affect me during the day. So I have to be really careful about how much stimulation I give my brain when I'm getting ready for bed. I have learned to turn off the TV and my phone around 1-2 hours before I plan to go to bed. Showering has also helped reduce any attacks at night.

One of the biggest things that has helped me is a white noise app that I use to help me sleep. It plays everything from rain sounds to calming piano music, and helps with my tinnitus too. 

What are some things that have helped you with panic/anxiety?
Mar 26, 2018 @ 01:32 pm

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Essential oils

We use essential oils in our household for anxiety and sleep. We have found SOOO much benefit from this and it keeps the toxic chemicals from the meds out of our bodies! Have you tried that before? We sleep like babies and always find that "calm" when we use our rollerballs! ;)
Mar 26, 2018 @ 10:28 pm


I used to have a vial of Lavender oil, which I found really helped relax me after a long day, but it somehow went missing when I moved. I haven't tried anything else, mostly because I simply don't know much about essential oils. Do you have any recommendations? :)
Mar 27, 2018 @ 08:41 am


I recommand doing meditation. You can find so many videos of guided meditation and tips on youtube.
Mar 27, 2018 @ 01:43 pm


A warm cup of chamomile tea before bed help me when I'm feeling anxious. There are also some yoga poses/stretches that are meant for easing stress and getting a good night's sleep. You can look them up on Youtube.
Mar 27, 2018 @ 03:10 pm

Thank you for the tips

i have nothing to add as I’m just starting my anxiety journey and figuring my illness out. I appreciate the tips from the comments here and excited for anymore that may come :)
Mar 27, 2018 @ 04:17 pm

Anxiety and panic disorder

i definitely agree that showers can even stop a panic attack if you catch it early enough, watch your blood sugar levels because high or low blood sugar can spark attacks.

Niacin megadoses are something people should research because this can also be helpful, lower stress and eat well, move around a lot, don’t sit for too long.

It’s hard to deal with anxiety and panic attack as it is, but rest and good self care is the best thing you can do if you aren’t interested in taking medications. It’s best to work through your issues and not cover them up.

All the best to you and your health,
Mar 27, 2018 @ 04:25 pm


I'm so glad these techniques worked for you and could possible help someone else.

My number one advice to everyone is to get treatment ASAP if you start to find it getting bad, because it can take a long time and a lot of stress to get it sorted and starting sooner is better. It's scary, but if you delay you might find yourself regretting that later.

I'm in a pretty unfortunate situation because my anxiety is extremely physical and none of the methods or medications have worked for me. I'm 'medication-resistant' to both this and depression (which I have suffered terribly from since I was a child) so it's quite frustrating in that way.

I use logic to help a lot of my problems, but with anxiety it simply doesn't work for me. It's like my body has a broken fight-or-flight response and sees everything as a threat. So no matter what I use to talk myself down, my thoughts can be calm and my body is still freaking out, it's really odd and annoying. Even things like focusing on my breathing or counting what's around me (often ideas given that can help people with anxiety) don't work for me. It got so bad that the doctor diagnosed me with agoraphobia caused by anxiety. I was so tense and scared of having a panic attack I started to avoid going out.

Weirdly, after I developed another condition (PLMD) which affects my sleep greatly, my anxiety disappeared mostly. It's still there a little, but manageable. It could be that I'm just too tired for my body to 'freak out' and that somewhat fixed the problem.

I definitely wouldn't recommend going that route :P Good luck ladies!
Mar 27, 2018 @ 09:24 pm


@wonderwhatif - wow! I certainly hope you continue to heal and work through everything. That sounds like a nightmare - I cannot imagine how stressful and confusing it all must be. I definitely realize my anxiety issues are quite minor, but I really appreciate that you felt compelled to share part of your journey with it. I hope everything goes great for you, and thank you for shedding some light on how serious anxiety can be!
Mar 27, 2018 @ 09:56 pm


It is an absolute nightmare, to be totally honest! But I try and remember that many people are born with so many health problems, it was only luck that I was ok until the past couple of years. I am also super lucky to have a partner who supports me so well and always helps and loves me dearly (as I do him!)

I moved to Canada around 6 years ago and only developed anxiety then, I think it was just a lot of new stressors that triggered it. Before that I was well-versed in depression, but couldn't imagine how awful anxiety could be! I think many people who don't have this illness think it's just 'over-reacting' and they are lucky they can think that way and don't have to know that it's not!

It can definitely turn on a dime, so make sure to tackle it if you see it taking over, but try not to worry too much and take care of yourself! I often think if I had tackled mine sooner, I might not be where I am, so definitely don't wait if you see it worsen and let me know if you ever have any questions or anything I can help with!
Mar 27, 2018 @ 10:01 pm

lavender oil

me again :) I use Young Living's lavender and the roman chamomile for sleep. They are wonderful. :) Add me on insta and we can chat :) @kayleigh_voyde
Mar 28, 2018 @ 09:27 pm

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