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Bartholin Cyst-Looking for more women with this issue!



I saw some older threads on here about Bartholin's Cysts. Long story short, I have been suffering from these horrible things on my left gland since beginning of 2014/end of 2013. I am now 34. Since then, I have had it drained 3 times by my OB/GYN (but no cutting just squeezing it), I've gotten several probably 3-4 that I've gotten rid of on my own, 1 was an abscess (my first one), 1 I had incision and drainage by itself, 1 with a word catheter that hurt more than anything in the world and i had to get it removed after 48 hours,

Sadly, this only affect 2% of women. My doctor has recommended the marsupilization but I'm scared to death of going under. I have read that tea tree oil, plus espom salt has helped others. So far what HAS worked on the ones that I haven't gone in for was scorching hot sitz bath, but then I constantly worry about yeast infection.... witch hazel, and hot compress. 

It concerns me that there is not a lot of information on this condition online- ironically, I noticed this problem started happening when I stopped taking oral contraceptives.  Which, I cannot take at all anymore due to horrible side effects and my age. 

I now have a hard lump that I believe is scar tissue but I'm not in any pain. It has really taken a toll on my sex life yet my partner has been so supportive. It has made me extremely depressed and hopeless.

Does anyone have any hope or similiar stories to share with this? Being a girl really sucks sometimes :) 

Jan 08, 2016 @ 01:45 pm

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I've never had this but I imagine it's horrible. I've had a very painful cyst outside the vagina, that was drained by the doctor a couple times and hurt like hell. I know the idea of surgery is scary but it is generally very safe. Would the surgery help you immensely? If it would get rid of the cyst, cease your pain and make your sex life more enjoyable after you've recovered, then I'd be inclined to do it. Talk with your doctor about compilations of the surgery itself and side effects of anesthesia. I hope you feel better soon!
Jan 08, 2016 @ 04:35 pm

I would try everything before getting the marsupialization...

I had a friend who had the surgery done and it didn't effect hers at all. She still got them just as bad as she did before. I would save yourself the agony (and $$) of doing the surgery and just try everything under the sun first.

The last one I had was about 3 years ago. It had abscessed so it was very painful but I did the sitz baths with tea tree oil, frankincense EO, and epsom salts. I would make kindof a runny paste with the epsom salts and water then add the oils. I would soak a cotton ball in the solution and apply it to the cyst then take super hot washcloth (as hot as I could stand) and hold it over the cotton ball and the cyst until it got cool then I would repeat the process. I did this every day for about an hour about 5 days. Eventually it ruptured and went away but I haven't gotten one since.

Keep a special eye on your diet and your stress levels. Drink more water than you think is possible, that in itself will work wonders by flushing everything out of your system.

Good luck! I hope it gets better soon!
Jan 08, 2016 @ 04:52 pm


It sure does suck. I was actually told 3 months ago that I have one on my right ovary. For now it's small and the doctor wants me to get an ultrasound done every 3 months to see if it grows. It sure sucks to be a woman I agree. Mine doesn't bother me to be honest..not yet but I would like it out. I don't like the idea of going under either so I'm hoping the bugger gets smaller on it's own. I also have fibroids which they have recently found as well. Good times I tell you. I'm going for an ultrasound at the end of this month to see what's happening. Good luck to us both.
Jan 11, 2016 @ 07:42 am

What works

Been reading alot of the posts..I have s grape size cyst and want to know what will cure it..I heard phoebe's cure but slot say it just stings...does PRID work..or antibiotics..please help..its been 2 weeks now..no pain as it's not sbcessed
Dec 12, 2019 @ 05:58 pm

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