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Bartholin Cyst


Hi Ladies,

I recently got a bartholin cyst and was wondering if anyone has experienced this and has any good advice.

Just to let you know I refuse to have the surgical procedure called marsupialization done. I have been doing sitz baths a few times a day and using a heating pad over top of clothing.

It has been over a week and still not gone.

thank you!
Jan 09, 2012 @ 04:25 pm

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Ok so mine magically disappeared.
Apr 14, 2016 @ 09:41 am

Bartholin Cyst ADVICE

I just had my first Bartholin Cyst about a week ago, it was fine in the beginning and slowly started growing and becoming more painful to the point where I was limping everywhere! I wanted to see if it would go away on its own. After a few days of awful pain, I took a warm compress of Epsom salt and water and applied it to the area for 5 min, and it felt even worse the next day. I drank tons of water and cranberry juice and used phoebes method: 1 oz. Calamine lotion, 1 tsp. tea tree oil, 1 tsp. Witch hazel. I mixed the concoction and soaked two cotton pads in it then applied it to the area and secured with a pad. It burned and was painful. I left it on for an hour. I took it off I went into the shower rinsed with warm water on the area and then took a warm compress with just water applied it to area and it was draining!! God is so good!
Jun 28, 2016 @ 05:27 pm

How I cured the bartholin cyst in 5 days!

We were trying to conceive and I observed a lump on my vagina (left side wall). It was my first experience and did not know what it worse. After 2 days, it grew to the size of a grape, but it was not painful. We had a family occasion and I could dance for about 3 hours on day 2. The next morning, it had grown really big (may be the size of an egg) and I was totally scared. I went to visit an Ayurvedic doctor just a kilometer away in my city (In India) and she gave me a cream to apply on it. She also suggested me to have hot sitz baths thrice a day! For the first time in life, I had enough time to read or watch movies in my tab during bath. On day 4 morning, it was really painful. I had to walk like a duck around the house for my daily chores and did not go to work. Although I could work from home, it was very uncomfortable for me to sit and work longer than 30 minutes. I had about 5 sitz baths and on Day 5 when the pain increased around 10pm, I called my husband to please take me to a doctor and book a minor surgery in the hospital to take it off. Just then, in 15 minutes, I got up from the sitz bath hoping to go to the hospital and the cyst just broke and a lot of thick reddish mixed with white mucus flowed down. I rushed into the commode and it all poured out within a minute! It was an instant relief. I literally cried being overjoyed that it was all over! Thanks to my Ayurvedic doctor for making the process faster as the cream ripens the cyst is what she said. I continued with the cream for another 4 days while I also took antibiotics prescribed from my OB/Gyn. I was back to normal with a smaller hole 4 days after the cyst burst without any pain. Need to mention, I also conceived the next month. So good luck to all. Home remedy or alternate medicine in any day better than surgery.
Dec 31, 2016 @ 08:19 am

Silicea silicea silicea...thank god 4 silicea

ive had a bartholin problem for the past 12 years, I recently came across a homeopathic medicine - silicea (It’s Not SILICA ladies!) My bartholin gland has been the size of a small pea. In the past two years it started flaring up once in about 8 months. Very PAINFUL! I was doing everything and anything! Then I was traveling in India and came across Silicea, at that point my gland had flared up again and I was contemplating surgery for removing it. Silicea affected me within a day! It didn’t disappear immediately, but from the marble size I had, has now reduced back to a pea size...I have been taking silicea 12x for the past month...I will now start taking Silicea 30x. Also keep regular with yogurt and probiotics!
Nov 15, 2018 @ 07:44 pm

Bartan surgery

I had the surgery and I don't regret it. There was a period of time, maybe 6 months or so, when I could feel the scar tissue and I wondered if the numb feeling would ever subside. It did, thank goodness. I feel perfectly normal and losing the gland did not cause any noticeable drying issues. Frankly, the most frustrating part of the process was the waiting and suffering the docs put me thru. Getting the cyst, getting the meds. Being told to make another appointment in 3 days if it doesn't break. Going to the ER at midnight 72 hours later because the pain is excruciating. Getting needles poked into the cyst to numb it (omg! The pain!). It's lanced, then sewn shut. Don't ask me why. 24 hours, it refills and it's bigger than before. Then it breaks on its own 1 day later. I was chronic and always had an abcess. After 2 years or more a living through this process, I finally made such a nuisance of myself at my doctors office, she sent me to a specialist and he scheduled me for surgery after lancing just one cyst. For 10 years, no problems. Now I just discovered a cyst on the remaining gland on the other side. So the fun begins again.
Jan 20, 2019 @ 11:30 pm

Bartholin's Cyst

I have just experienced my first Bartholin's cyst on the on the left side. It never hurt, never caused me any problems at all. I was actually shaving one day and felt it (it was very "squishy" and the size of an egg... i guess it kind of felt like a small water balloon) so i called and scheduled a doctor's appointment who referred me to an OBGYN. I went in about ten days ago and they lanced it to drain. The procedure wasn't comfortable but it wasnt terrible either. I mean, having needles stuck into your vagina isn't ever a good experience, right? The cyst was just full of clear, honey consistency fluid mixed with blood... it was drained- they were even able to remove the cyst wall during this procedure under local anesthesia... It was when i left the doctors office that i had problems. The anesthesia wore off on my drive home and by the time i pulled in the drive way i was sobbing and couldnt get out of the car. my bf had to help me inside and into the bath... it was extremely swollen and was bleeding heavily. i called the dr, she sent out pain meds and said to take a few days off of work and it would get better. it didnt. the bleeding stopped. but it stayed swollen- almost as if the cyst filled back up or something. One week later (which during that time i could not even sit down or walk-- bed rest only and no work) i go back to the obgyn, they thought it had filled up again too.. she removed the stitches and found it was FULL of blood clots! Im talking a lot. Like.... all together probably bigger than a golf ball. The pain went away immediately, but they left the wound open and without stitches.. its been about 10 days and i still have a brownish fluid draining from it. ive taken antibiotics, all of my labs came back with no infections or std's or anything... i go back tomorrow... i was just wondering if anyone else had this traumatic of an experience? they also said they still saw a small part of the cyst wall so i may need to go under general anesthesia and have it cleaned out... they'll check again tomorrow. im freaking out.
Mar 21, 2019 @ 08:58 am

Bartholin's Cyst

I had one a few years ago, it was quite painful to walk and sit sometimes. I tried the sitz bath and a few other suggestions from friends with no luck. I couldn't stand it and finally called my family doctor. She explained it was nothing I had done, they are quite common and apparently once you've had one, they tend to come back. She lanced and drained it right in her office, which was a surprise and caught my off guard, otherwise I'm not sure I would have went through with it. She did inject some type of numbing solution, but honestly it hurt like hell, she squeezed it pretty hard a few times and the pain caused me to yelp and want to jump off the table, I begged her to not squeeze it again, she did one more time and was done. Thankfully it didn't take long, maybe a minute or two, at the time it felt like an eternity though. She packed it with some gauze, and sent me on my way with a 3 day prescription for antibiotics. I was sore for no more than a day afterwards and to this day I haven't gotten another one.
Mar 22, 2019 @ 02:56 pm

Got rid of mine at home

LADIES! I highly recommend that you use Ebanel NUMB520 with 5% lidocaine. I woke up a week ago to my 3rd abscess and immediately started crying. Ended up going to the ER from the pain and was told it wasn't big enough to drain. I was given a 10 day supply of antibiotics and sent home. Fast forward 7 days, the only thing the antibiotics did was stop the pain. The abcess got bigger to the point were it felt like it was pushing on my pelvic bone. I did the Phoebe method for about 5 hours today and it was ready to pop. I put the numbing creme on for 20 minutes and it kinda worked, so I wiped it off and put more on. After the second application, I couldn't feel any pain at all! My husband pricked it with a needle to make sure I didn't feel any pain and I didn't even feel his hand down there. It immediately started drain BUT thats when I discovered something interesting. There were 4 SEPARATE SACS and they were all infected. Thats why the antibiotics haven't worked but we got them all and I plan on finishing the antibiotics. After we were done, I immediately got on a sitz bath to clean up and slapped a panty liner on. It feels amazing to be able to sit and stand and walk without waddling. 1000% recommend that numbing creme
Dec 13, 2020 @ 06:52 pm

Try loose pants

Hey ladies I had this type of cyst on and off for a year or two until my job started needing me to wear professional attire like dresses and my cyst stopped!!!!!!!!!!! I was wearing jeans regularly before. I think if you start wearing loose pants like those from adidas and Nike and dresses it’ll be better!!!!!!
Feb 21, 2021 @ 10:49 am

Bartholin’s Cyst gland removal

Hello! I am 25 yrs old and last yr during covid shut down, I devolved a BC. I had it cut, drained, and catheter put in for two weeks and then removed by my obgyn. It seems like it comes back every month or every other month. It gets fully swollen and painful. I do sea salt sits baths and gently drain at home and it usually goes away after about a week. It’s mostly frustrating because it seems to be triggered by sex and masterbation. I am still working threw the traumatization that came with getting the BC drained in the beginning (I don't like male drs, I had never had surgery of any kind, and id never really been to the obgyn and have strangers up in my private area, and having an man having to cut open my vagina was scary). My obgyn and I have gotten to the point where I have a consult scheduled to talk about having the gland removed all together. Is there anyone out there that can relate and give me advice? If you’ve had the gland removed, what are the pros and cons in your opinion? From what my dr told me, it can cause you to really dry out down there, is it worth it?
Aug 03, 2021 @ 01:09 pm

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