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Bartholin Cyst


Hi Ladies,

I recently got a bartholin cyst and was wondering if anyone has experienced this and has any good advice.

Just to let you know I refuse to have the surgical procedure called marsupialization done. I have been doing sitz baths a few times a day and using a heating pad over top of clothing.

It has been over a week and still not gone.

thank you!
Jan 09, 2012 @ 04:25 pm

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If it was as simple as all of us getting a medical procedure and never having this problem again, trust me that would be done. Bartholin Cysts are NOT life threatening and not dangerous (unless they get infected) and as a result very little medical research has been done on this issue. It only affects 2% of women. Trust me I've had discussions with gynecologists! It is pesky problem.....

The issue is "recurrence" even AFTER having surgery. Also the surgery involves cutting out a gland that is required for lubrication, potentially ruining your sex life afterward. Puts a woman out of commission for quite sometime while she heals. Keeping all these factors in mind we all hope to naturally heal ourselves from this.

I hope this helps.

Jan 09, 2013 @ 12:56 pm

Another idea

Since you are in so much pain, I would suggest using the essential oil blend "thieves" this is a natural antibiotic. What you are experiencing and which I have as well is infection. Also, the blend "Gentle baby". What I suggest would be to put 4-6 drops on gentle baby in 1/4 cup epsom salt for a sitz bath. You will then need to add a little water to it to mix it up a bit. Then, place it under the water spout of your bath tub to let it disperse into the tub evenly. This had helped me to help drain the cyst and dry up. It's no fun getting it sliced open and recovering from it for 2 weeks, not to mention the antibiotics that can make you nauseous. The other suggestion would be to take the thieves in a vegetable based capsule you can purchase at a health food store, what you will do is put 2 drops in capsule with 1 drop cold pressed vegetable oil, olive oil or young livings v-6 oil base, ingest 3x per day until the cyst has subsided. These are therapeutic grade so they have no side effects. Do not do this with other oils. Also, the suggestion I mentioned with Frankincense I would combine as well:) One more thing, with every body different it has different chemistry. There are countless possibilities with every oil I mentioned, but what is most important to note is when you set the intention in your mind on what you want to accomplish, it will heal you quicker, do what you need it to do & and give you the results you are looking for. Yes, Im speaking quantum physics and chemistry hear lol!
Jan 09, 2013 @ 01:42 pm

AFTER cyst drains naturally...

I finally drained yesterday naturally (thank goodness!) and I understand traces of blood coming from the break but it's been almost 24 hours and Im still having a little bit of blood (when wiping after peeing). Im not alarmed because its very small traces but Im wondering if this happens to most and if it will will stop very soon or if I am expected to wear a pantyliner for more days. Also, when is it okay to go back to sex? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks! =)
Jan 19, 2013 @ 02:52 pm

I think I found an awesome combination!

Hi Ladies.
I have been suffering with bartholin cysts since I was 21. Usually once every 2-3 years... they always turn from cysts to abcesses, half the time they tore naturally, and the other half of the time I have had them lanced at the obgyn. I had a horrific experience the last time so I thought I would share in the interest of helping to ease some of our pain!!!

In the past I had placed pressure on the affected area when the skin became swollen enough, and with enough pressure and a lot of tears, I was actually able to help it to rupture on its own. I was unaware of any home remedies and had I have known I am sure I would have tried them all... On this last time, I felt confident that I could deal with it on my own like the one previous, and save myself the money (uninsured) and time in the doctors office. I mad an attempt to put pressure on the cyst and it did rupture.. but unfortunately so did a surrounding blood vessel that was wrapped around the gland... both internally.. neither externally. My entire labia immediately swelled to the size of a small orange and I instantly felt a surge of nausea and fear. I immediately went into panic mode and called my boyfriend who rushed over to drive me to the ER. After talking to them admittance nurse and mentioning that I was uninsured I was basically told to turn around, go home and call my doctor. I got his office on the phone.. all the while my BF was driving in circles while I was cringing in pain....

The very sweet, but clearly uninformed receptionist at my doctors office told me that he had a booked schedule, and if I felt it as an emergency I should go to the hospital. I told her I was already turned away and begged her to go talk to him in person... which was a very smart thing to do and he agreed to see me .... 4 hours later. I went back home, turned on a bath pored an entire box of epson salt in it and sat down to wait it out... It was agonizing. I started to get jaundiced and light headed. I literally felt the toxin building up in my body and my labia was so swollen I was convinced that it would be perminantly disfigured if I survived the ordeal. After about an hour and a half I finally hit my pain threshold and called the office back and basically said if they didn't see me immediately I was going to drive back to the hospital. The dingy Receptionist said "oh, I didn't realize it was that bad.. sure, come on in..." I was both relieved and pissed all at once.

The doctor could not hid his shock on his face when he saw me, and I was so thankful for him to be helping me I lost all sense of modesty and composure and just begged him to cut me open..... I ended up really lucky and after a round of sit baths, antibiotics and saline solutions I healed and everything went back to normal. I later found out that there was a serious threat of me getting a major internal infection from the bleed, and the situation could have been life threatening if it wasn't allowed to drain for another hour or so...

Let this be your cautionary tale.. be really careful about trying to help the process along too quickly....

There is a MAJOR silver lining however.... I recently got my first cyst last week since my horrible ordeal. I knew that there was no way I would consider anything other than going to the doctor, but marsupilization scares me, and I needed it to enlarge a bit more before the doctor cout cut me open... I started rec=searching al lthe home remedies, and reading this great forum and I combined afe of the tehniques that the girls have suggested.. and not onl did it totally work, but it only took an hour!!! Here is what i did step by step.. please try it if you are suffering.. I promise it works,

In a bowl I mixed 2 parts epson salt
1 part wich hazel
1 part tee tree salve (im sure e the oil would work just as well)

I think added some hot water to dilute and melt the salt.

I soaked cotton makeup remover pads (the round ones) in the solution (completely immersed in the mixture)

I then placed the pad i=on the effected area.. sort of wrapping it around the infected area, so part was sort of shoved inside, and the other part was on the outside....

I then used a tea kettle to heat water ( any coffee pot or pan would work, but I liked that the ketle keep the water hot and insulated inside.. ) and then pored a small amount of the hot water (super hot.. as tolerable as possible) and pressed it OVER the cotton pad and held it in place until it cooled down. I kept re-applying this combination over and over for a good 45 min.

It definatly seemed to be less firm and seemed to go down a little, so that gave me hope. I stood up and thought I would go take a sitz bath to ease some pain.. assuming this ordeal could last me all night... and then all the sudden I looked down and realized it had ruptured. I can honestly say I haven't been so excited in my life! I feel like now I have a plan of attack when and if this thing ever flairs up again, and i think that in the future we could use this combination of products when it is in the cyst phase to reduce it down before it ever gets to the absess stage again!!

I hope this helps ladies.. I will now swear by this treatment.
Jan 20, 2013 @ 12:58 am

bleeding after is typical

Hi there,
The bleeding is normal and can last for a few days. My doctors said to gauge how you feel about sex, at minimum 1 week.. but suggests 2. The last thing you want is another infection because the would didn't heal properly or can be reopened from the friction...
Jan 20, 2013 @ 01:01 am

a fellow sufferer

it's so great to find this forum and take comfort in the fact that other people have had this too.

I just got lanced last thursday after the lump became painful a few days earlier...i hadn't known what it was as it was growing until i went to the doc. i'm now 4 days out and don't see the doc for a follow-up for another 2 days...this sucks!

i'm still feeling a lot of pain and pressure although the cyst is gone but i'm worried about the "incision" healing. still taking HOT baths 2-3 times a day and wearing a pad and taking advil around the clock.

it's a difficult thing to discuss with the husband as a newlywed of 6 months and sucks to not have sex...i'm worried about the first time having sex after this is "healed"
Jan 21, 2013 @ 07:36 pm

I had one

I had one about six years ago and I believe I have another one, even tho I was told the chances of reoccurance was slim. I did have the drainage surgery which wasn't that bad. My Dr did the gauze method rather than the drainage tube.
Jan 22, 2013 @ 02:21 am


Hi Ladies,

I know very well all about this terrible matter. I received my first bartholin gland cyst Sept, 2011 and have had 5 to date. Ive had to drain two and let the other two just naturally come to a head and pop. The most painful thing EVER!!!!!!!!! My boyfriend is a nurse and provided me with some pretty strong pain meds, but still no match for this thing!

Every one I had pretty much started out the same way. Painful pea sized lump that grew in size and pain each day. Difficult to sit, walk or do anything for that matter. I've tried every at home remedy and dread when this thing comes to town.

My question is, Im having one now and I need some advice. The last 3 days I've noticed it but unlike the others, it has NOT increased in size nor is it growing more firm. It is slightly swollen but not painful at all. Once I noticed it I started my regimen of sitz baths & hot compresses immediately but this is the 4th day and still no change. I was wondering is it possible for this thing to go away? Or am I waiting for it to grow so that I can have it drained or get it to burst?

Please help!
The suspense is killing me~

Jan 30, 2013 @ 05:19 pm


krissyb- I went to a Planned Parenthood when I had my cyst and the doc there told me it will either shrink and go away or it will burst(or if it takes many days to come in and have it drained). now, I did TONS of online research before and even moreso after visiting her as I sat around in pain and I didnt seem to find much evidence of it shrinking and going away except via the doc. Im sorry, I know this doesnt help much but Im just sharing what I have been told. I read on a forum advice of rubbing apple cider vinegar on it, which I did and the next day I woke up to agonizing pain but it did burst after a few hours of being awake..so even though it sucked, I advise it. I think it hurt because it was getting ready to erupt. good luck!
Feb 02, 2013 @ 08:02 am


thanks for the info!! It's gone down tremendously and doesn't hurt at all..but Im gonna continue the sitz baths & warm compressess. just to be on the safe side! Also, if it helps anyone..the mixture of witch hazel, tea tree oil & chamomile tea was EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE to me in the past!!! I once had a cyst the size of a golf ball & decided to fight it off naturally. I boiled a chamomile tea bag then squeezed the majority of the water out into a cup.. then I added everything else into the cup...I drenched a few cotton balls in the mixture and applied them to the actual cyst...i then covered the cotton balls w/ the tea bag. THEN i poured the remainder of the mixture onto a sanitary napkin and covered the tea bag lol. LASTLY I drenched a wash cloth with boiling hot water and held it down on the area applying pressure. Whenever the cloth cooled down, i'd heat it back up! its very very important to apply heat!! I noticed a difference immediately !!!! and it popped the very same night!!!!!!!!! I know it also helped that it was soo0 big, it was ready to pop...but id like to think that the mixture aided in that.

good luck ladies!

Feb 02, 2013 @ 08:15 pm

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